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IE Refresh / Missing SAP Icons

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Hi Experts, we have a (strange) problem with IE and SAPUI5. After Using the refresh button in IE11 all our standard icons are missing. E.g. using ui-elements calendar, icon-tab-filter, splitapp-navigation icons ... all are missing. Before refresh: Af

Hi Experts,
we have a (strange) problem with IE and SAPUI5.
After Using the refresh button in IE11 all our standard icons are missing.
E.g. using ui-elements calendar, icon-tab-filter, splitapp-navigation icons ... all are missing.
Before refresh:
After refresh:
The application/navigation works, but the ICONS are gone.
-> No errors or information in debugging/console.
-> Problem only occurs with IE, Firefox & Chrome are fine.
-> Disabling caching for IE does not change anything.
We use/load the core library from the web instead from the SAP-Backend, can this be an issue?
2014-06-25 10:38:35 registerResourcePath ('', '') -  sap.ui.ModuleSystem
Thanks for any comment...
Best regards

The replay answer
Hi Volker,
Not sure if this will help, but hope to give some hints.
I had a similar issue before when doing "Refresh" of service call in IE, and disable IE catch did not help. What did worked was to manually add an extra parameter of a random number in the url of the service call, so IE will sure make the actuall call to the service. Try to use some network tool such as fiddler to see if there was actuall calls when doing "Refresh".
Another try is to copy the icon files into your project and check if the icons still disappear when doing "Refresh" - by this at least yo can surely see where the problem is located.
Good luck!
Dong Zhu 

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IE Refresh / Missing SAP Icons

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Hi Experts, we have a (strange) problem with IE and SAPUI5. After Using the refresh button in IE11 all our standard icons are missing. E.g. using ui-elements calendar, icon-tab-filter, splitapp-navigation icons ... all are missing. Before refresh: Af[More]

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