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Image capture bug

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I'm using Image Capture with a Canon S400. Image Capture was set to download all photos automatically and delete after. I've never had much luck with this approach. Unfortunately I'm a slow learner and only now have vowed never to use the app again.

I'm using Image Capture with a Canon S400. Image Capture was set to download all photos automatically and delete after.
I've never had much luck with this approach. Unfortunately I'm a slow learner and only now have vowed never to use the app again. Basically, it downloads the first couple photos okay and then speeds through the rest of the photos at light speed (clearly, something has went wrong.) Indeed, the rest of the photos cannot be read by any application- they are invalid JPEG files even though they are about the right size. And they've been removed from the card and are gone forever. I'm using the factory USB cable from the camera the the keyboard USB port. Hardware is either a MacBook or intel iMac. Both have the same problem.
What gives? One might be inclined to point to the camera or CF card but in fact both are fine. I can use a CF card reader fine with my iMac, and everything also works great with my Windows XP box.
At the absolute least, Image Capture should be updated to NOT delete photos from the camera unless the resulting JPEG passes some type of minimal validity check. OS X is instantly aware of the fact that the image files are corrupted (no thumbnail can be generated) so it shouldn't be that difficult.
Sigh. I'm really starting to long for the stability of my iBook. I defended Apple as long as I could but with the MacBook in for repairs right now and various stability issues running OS X on the Intel platform, I realize now that there really are some serious issues right now.

The replay answer
I'm having a similar bug on an eMac with the same camera (plus an Olympus E-300). Yes, dragging the jpegs off the card works, but you lose the thumbnails that Image Capture creates. I've researched previous questions here, and believe I've found all the preference files (that I have trashed several times over). No luck - I keep having this problem.
I really don't want to give up on Image Capture, since it retrieves camera information, too. But this is really an irritating bug!
Any suggestions..?

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