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Intel iMac will not turn on

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So here's the deal: The other day I noticed things were acting buggy on my Intel Core Duo iMac (the white, matte-screen one). Performing simple tasks like opening a folder or window caused the spinning beach ball for at least 30 seconds or more. Emai

So here's the deal: The other day I noticed things were acting buggy on my Intel Core Duo iMac (the white, matte-screen one). Performing simple tasks like opening a folder or window caused the spinning beach ball for at least 30 seconds or more. Email wouldn't open without the spinning beach ball going on for at least a minute or two. Also, there is an intermittent click coming from inside the computer. Maybe every minute or two--click.
So I restart. Things seem fine. But then the hang ups start again. So I boot from my Snow Leopard disks and run Disk Utility. Verifying permissions takes a very long time but I finally get to repair permissions. Then I try to verify the disk and repair but I get an error message in red saying something like "this disk cannot be repaired". So I shut down and try to start up from Disk Warrior. Once the Disk Warrior window comes up the iMac shuts down. I try this a couple of times.
I check the forum and try the suggestions of holding down P and R (or something like that), unplugging and pressing the "on" button before plugging it back in. Nothing works. I get to the gray screen and it shuts itself off.
After that I try to start it up as usual and when the gray screen comes up I have an apple logo and beneath that a status bar and as soon as the status bar is complete the computer shuts off. I try this a couple of times. Finally it won't even start up at all. It's as if it's not even plugged in. No chime, no internal noise, no "on" indicator light, nothing.
If my hard drive has failed, does this mean my computer will not even turn on? If my hard drive has failed and I could turn my computer on, what would I typically see? A blank screen? A question mark?
Any ideas or suggestions?

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Update: So I took my iMac to the Apple store and they ordered a power supply and a new hard drive. The plan was to install the power supply and see if that's all it needed. If the hard drive was dead they would then install the drive. The wanted about $95 for the power supply, which isn't bad, and $248 for a 320 GB hard drive. Installation was going to be around $85. After I placed the order I went home and checked prices online and found I could get a 1TB hard drive for less than $120! And a 500 GB for around $60! Why would Apple charge me $248 for a 320 GB drive? During this time I also found a local Mac repair shop that was willing to install the power supply for me and, if needed, a new hard drive that I could purchase much less than Apple's price. So the parts came in and I went to the Apple store thinking I could purchase the power supply and walk out. No dice. Apple would not sell the power supply to me. They insisted they can only sell it to me if they swap it out for the one in my iMac. I told the guy, "that's okay, I only want to buy the power supply". He sort of apologized and said they can not do that. ***? Why wouldn't they sell something to a customer willing to buy it?
Long story short, all of my business is now going to the local Mac repair shop and not the Apple store. I'll never take anything that's not in warranty to the Apple store again. And I'm sure they couldn't care less.

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