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Internet Lag - Starting @ 7PM EST

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Everyday for the past 4 days, at 7PM EST, my internet would start to spike and lag for about 10 seconds straight every 3 minutes, I play WoW so this is a huge problem for me. Area: Catonsville, Maryland Anyone else having this issue? Haven't had this

Everyday for the past 4 days, at 7PM EST, my internet would start to spike and lag for about 10 seconds straight every 3 minutes, I play WoW so this is a huge problem for me.
Area: Catonsville, Maryland
Anyone else having this issue?
Haven't had this problem in the past, not downloading anything or streaming lots of videos either. Tried rebooting my router, still lagging. I use a wireless adapter, and no, I can't hardwire my computer to the router, it's like 50-100 feet away, I have a amazing wireless adapter, that's not the problem, I've even replugged in my adapter several times to see if this makes a difference, it does not.
Anyone in my area having the same issue? I haven't called FiOS to bring a tech guy out here yet.

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What wifi channels have u experimented with?

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Internet Lag - Starting @ 7PM EST

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Everyday for the past 4 days, at 7PM EST, my internet would start to spike and lag for about 10 seconds straight every 3 minutes, I play WoW so this is a huge problem for me. Area: Catonsville, Maryland Anyone else having this issue? Haven't had this[More]

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