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IOS 4.2

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I have tried to download the update unsucessfully about 15 times this evening.. each time at the end of the download.. it seems to complete that process..when it gets to precessing the files.. I get a messag that says the network conection timed out.

I have tried to download the update unsucessfully about 15 times this evening.. each time at the end of the download.. it seems to complete that process..when it gets to precessing the files.. I get a messag that says the network conection timed out... I've checked my connections and there doesnt seem to be a problem downloading anything else... HELP...

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I'm frantically searching my mind for a good response and not having any luck. I would try Apple Support if you're still within the free 90-day time frame or if you have AppleCare. My next step would be your ISP provider. My third choice would be your computer supplier. Actually, if you have a Mac, I'd go there first. If you have Windoze, well I just don't know.

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Lost voice memos after iOS 8 update

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I use the AiO Remote app on IOS to scan legal size documents.  I think my problem is with the latest update of this app as I never had this issue in the past.  I scan the multi-page LEGAL size doc with no issues.  I see the doc pages in legal size fo[More]

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my ipad has IOS 5.1.1 version and i know there is newer update for them as when i go to download certain apps it wont let me because it needs IOS 7 but when i have plugged it into itunes it says no update needed?Hello courtneys100, Thanks for using A[More]

Recently my phone updated itself to ios 7, it wont let me sign into my iphone app store to download apps,i click on an app i want it just clicks but doesn't start to download  any help?

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recently my phone updated to ios 7, it wont let me sign into my iphone app store to download apps,i click on an app i want and it just clicks but doesn't start to download, i can see thats its not signed in so i tried to re set up my account under th[More]

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I'm trying to get the ios 4.2.1 on my second generation iPod . Is there a way to install it directly on my iPod touch because my iTunes on my computer is not working. Please help Apple! I need the update. Just give me a link.

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Im trying to get the ios 4.1.2 on my iPod touch 2nd generation. Can I install it directly on my iPod . My iTunes on my computer isn't working!you have to have itunes installed but check out other 3 answers[More]


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Hi, This morning I was trying to open a file from the iCloud window of my Pages 0.9 - 4.2  on my iMac (Os 10.8.3) when I did so the window told me that I needed a new version of Pages and it sent my to the appstore, pointing to Pages 09 4.3. I was sh[More]

Mail icon wont open after ios update on iphone 5

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After the IOS update today, my mail icon will not open and the screen seems to have lost sensitivity. Any suggestions? Thanks.Reset the phone (no data loss): press both the home and power buttons for at least 10 seconds, releasing when the Apple logo[More]

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Hi, I have replaced the comms board on my original iphone, as the wifi had died. when reconnecting to itunes, it says the iphone is not recognised, and cannot be activated. I think this is because the new comms board has a different imei, and may not [More]
I was so excited to read that there will be apps available for the iPod touch soon - the only reason I haven't upgraded from my 30GB iPod is that I use the games all the time when I'm on the treadmill. Not having games available regardless of WiFi co [More]
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