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IOS 7.1.2 to 6.1.3

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I'm using iPhone 4 with iOS latest version (7.1.2) Itz factory unlocked genuine ..  I wana go back to iOS 6 .. Any method uDowngrading isn't possible. iTunes won't install iOS versions older than the latest compatible release, and if one's somehow in

I'm using iPhone 4 with iOS latest version (7.1.2) Itz factory unlocked genuine ..  I wana go back to iOS 6 .. Any method u

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Downgrading isn't possible. iTunes won't install iOS versions older than the latest compatible release, and if one's somehow installed anyway, Apple's servers won't activate the device afterwards.

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Voice Memos Issues After IOS 8 Upgrade

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After upgrading to IOS 8 on my iPhone 5s, the majority of my voice memos are missing and the ones that remain no longer have titles or even play back on my phone.  Any ideas? Thanks.I was able to recover my voice memos, though the original titles are[More]

Lost voice memos after iOS 8 update

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Before my very eyes all my Voice Memos disappeared off my iPhone 5s after the IOS 8.0.2 upgrade. The application was doing some weird things before it deleted every Voice Memo - wobbling and shimmering. Any ideas anyone?Try Dr.Fone to scan your iPhon[More]

AiO Remote iOS app -scanning A4

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I have a Photosmart 5515 All in One printer and have been using the iOS app AiO Remote app to scan in some A4 pages. I set the app to scan to a document and also the page size to A4. Looking at the resultant document it has scaled the the document do[More]


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I use the AiO Remote app on IOS to scan legal size documents.  I think my problem is with the latest update of this app as I never had this issue in the past.  I scan the multi-page LEGAL size doc with no issues.  I see the doc pages in legal size fo[More]

IPad iOS 8.1 Mail constant network use draining battery

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Since updating to iOS 8.1, iPad Mail is rapidly draining my battery. When I go into Mail the network usage indicator (spinning wheel) runs constantly. I left it this way by mistake while traveling and it drained the whole battery with minimal actual[More]

My ipad wont let me download certain apps because it needs ios 7 but when i check update it says there is none?

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my ipad has IOS 5.1.1 version and i know there is newer update for them as when i go to download certain apps it wont let me because it needs IOS 7 but when i have plugged it into itunes it says no update needed?Hello courtneys100, Thanks for using A[More]

Recently my phone updated itself to ios 7, it wont let me sign into my iphone app store to download apps,i click on an app i want it just clicks but doesn't start to download  any help?

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recently my phone updated to ios 7, it wont let me sign into my iphone app store to download apps,i click on an app i want and it just clicks but doesn't start to download, i can see thats its not signed in so i tried to re set up my account under th[More]

IOS Remote Desktop app and computers connected to SBS 2008--can't get it to work

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I can connect directly to the server without a remote resource in the IOS app. But I'd like to be able to connect to computers in the office like we can through RWW. RWW works fine, but not from my phone. (Yes I can connect to the server and take ove[More]

I'm trying to get the ios 4.2.1 on my second generation iPod . Is there a way to install it directly on my iPod touch because my iTunes on my computer is not working. Please help Apple! I need the update. Just give me a link.

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Im trying to get the ios 4.1.2 on my iPod touch 2nd generation. Can I install it directly on my iPod . My iTunes on my computer isn't working!you have to have itunes installed but check out other 3 answers[More]


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Hi, This morning I was trying to open a file from the iCloud window of my Pages 0.9 - 4.2  on my iMac (Os 10.8.3) when I did so the window told me that I needed a new version of Pages and it sent my to the appstore, pointing to Pages 09 4.3. I was sh[More]

Mail icon wont open after ios update on iphone 5

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After the IOS update today, my mail icon will not open and the screen seems to have lost sensitivity. Any suggestions? Thanks.Reset the phone (no data loss): press both the home and power buttons for at least 10 seconds, releasing when the Apple logo[More]

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Hi, I am facing an issue which I find baffling and hope experts out there can help me. I am using a Treo 680 unlocked version running Palm OS Garnet v.5.4.9 Few months back, I upgraded my laptop from Windows XP to Windows 7  (both are 32 bit).  I rei [More]
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