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Iphone's App store rejects payment method, even for free apps! Someone please help me!

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Hi Last night i downloaded some apps, that i had to pay for using my Visa Credit Card. I have had this set as my payment method for ages. Anyway, it all worked and i got the apps, but today i tried to download another app, which was free and i had to

Last night i downloaded some apps, that i had to pay for using my Visa Credit Card. I have had this set as my payment method for ages. Anyway, it all worked and i got the apps, but today i tried to download another app, which was free and i had to sign in to my Apple ID or whatever the prompt is, so that i could download the free app.
I signed in and recieved another popup asking me to sign in and review billing information. I pressed OK and signed in again and was taken to the billing information and payment information page. On this page it says that there was an error with a previous purchase from the App Store and that i must check all my payment information is correct.  All the information that i had entered there when first adding my payment method was still there. Except for the security code.
I re-entered the security code and pressed done, and the page said that the payment information was not valid, or not allowed and asks me to change my payment information and / or method. So i re-enter all my information for my payment method and it still doesn' t work. It still says that there is an error with a previous purchase and that i must recheck or change my payment and billing information. The error cannot be right though, as all the apps that i have either downloaded or bought have downloaded fine.
Sometimes the error message changes to saying my payment information has been rejected, which cannot be right either, as i was using the payment method yesterday. I know i don't have any funds in my account at the moment, but that should not be relevant as i am trying to download a free app.
I tried downloading different free apps, but was unsuccessful.
Because I spent around an hour or so trying to download the app, i then downloaded the lastest software update, which was 6.0.1 or something. I updated from the 5.something software.
I was still unable to download anything from the app store.
I have tried to edit the billing and payment information from the App Store, Safari on the Iphone and from Google Chrome on my computer, none of these have helped.
If someone has a soloution or if Apple can sort my account out, i will be so grateful.
I use an Iphone 3gs and updated the software on it after my payment information wasn't working for about an hour.
A slightly-annoyed person.
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This happened to me about a year ago, call Apple customer service and they should be able to help. It had something to do with Apple's system not reading the credit card info correctly even if it had been stored and worked fine before. They fixed my problem instantly after I wasted alot of time trying to get things to work.
Hope this helps.

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