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IPhoto library v. backup

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I use iPhoto to import photos on my MacBook, and am generally familiar with the use of events, albums, etc. I use Time Machine to back up files. My question is this: I need to pare down the number of photos I leave on my laptop, keeping some select p

I use iPhoto to import photos on my MacBook, and am generally familiar with the use of events, albums, etc. I use Time Machine to back up files. My question is this: I need to pare down the number of photos I leave on my laptop, keeping some select photos from some albums or events, but want to keep all of them (or at least the ones I haven't deleted already) on my external drive.
The problem is that iPhoto keeps photos in one large file, so if I pare it down it'll overwrite the previous version. I know I can page back through earlier backups, but that would be incredibly time consuming. Is there an easy way to export photos to folders outside of iPhoto? Maybe I'm reading the help file wrong, but I interpret it to mean I can export to folders within iPhoto, but that presumably would leave them all part of the one file.

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Probably the best way to do this is to maintain multiple iPhoto libraries - one your internal drive and at least one on the external and use iPhoto Library Manager (IPLM) - - to move photos where you want them

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