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Is it Java free for comemercial use?

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Hay , this is Vikram Me & my friends want to establish new company. But we don't know is java is free for company use? if any buddy know it then please tell me?hi...Read other 2 answers

Hay , this is Vikram
Me & my friends want to establish new company.
But we don't know is java is free for company use?
if any buddy know it then please tell me?

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Is it Java free for comemercial use?

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Hay , this is Vikram Me & my friends want to establish new company. But we don't know is java is free for company use? if any buddy know it then please tell me?hi...Read other 2 answers[More]

Error while running a Java Program

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Can anyone help me, I am getting the following error while running a Java program, Below is the exception thrown, please help. java.nio.BufferOverflowException at java.nio.Buffer.nextPutIndex( at java.nio.DirectByteBuffer.putChar(Dire[More]

Erro de SYSFAIL e Queda do Ambiente JAVA (PI)

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Bom Dia Estou num projeto de NFe e atualmente esta acontecendo o seguinte cenário de Erros:     Na SMQ2 , quando apresenta um aumento nas filas de Mensagens , aparece SYSFAIL em determinadas Filas , todas as outras travam , aumenta o numero de Filas.[More]

Starting deployment prerequisites: error in BI-Java installation sapinst

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Hi all, We are in process updating Bw 3.5 to BI 7.0 we hace sucessfully completed the Upgrade but while installing Bi java thru Sapinst in third step like java instance installtion  i was stck with the below error.            We have downloaded the C[More]

If Statement in java.awt paint

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import java.applet.Applet;  //bring in the applet class import java.awt.*;             //bring in the graphics class import java.awt.event.*;      //bring in the event class import java.text.DecimalFormat;    //bring in the decimal format class impor[More]

SSO java sample application problem

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Hi all, I am trying to run the SSO java sample application, but am experiencing a problem: When I request the papp.jsp page I end up in an infinte loop, caught between papp.jsp and ssosignon.jsp. An earlier thread in this forum discussed the same pro[More]

SSO between a Java EE application (Running on CE) and r/3 backend

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Hi All, Over the past few days I have been trying to implement a SSO mechanism between NW CE Java Apps and R/3 backend without any success. I have been trying to use SAP logon tickets for implementing SSO. Below is what I need: I have a Java EE appli[More]

'Unable to Launch Application Error' - Java Web Start Running Under MS IIS.

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I am attempting to render the following .jnlp in MS IE: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <!-- JNLP File for LottoMadness Application --> <jnlp    codebase="http://localhost/LottoMadness/"    href="Lo[More]

Partner Application written in other language than PL/SQL and Java

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I have an application written in another language than PL/SQL or Java. I want to integrate this application as an Partner apps where I use the same user repository as Portal. Can I integrate the application by calling a stored PL/SQL-procedure based[More]

Possibility of drawing numbers on java bouncing balls?

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Can anyone show me how to put numbers on these moving balls in my code. I need the numbers 1-60 on them. I have two sets the red and white. Here is my code. Any help is appreciated. I am trying to write a program to represent the powerball. import ja[More]

Java Bouncing Balls Threads problem?

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Hello, I am working on a homework assignment to represent a java applet with some bouncing balls inside. So far so good. The balls bounce and behave as they are supposed. The only thing is that I want to make 2 buttons, Start and Stop (this is not pa[More]

The creation of My #TempTable is based on my input Parameter and I am getting "There is already an object named '#TempTable_Service_X_Claims' in the database." Why??? USE [Report] GO DECLARE @ProviderType CHAR(1) SET @ProviderType = 'G' IF Objec [More]
Can I use my Time Capsule as a backup disk and put files from my other USB external hard drive on it, using the TC as an external as well?Actually, there is a way to limit the amount of space Time Machine uses for backup so that it won't eat up all y [More]
My iPad and iPhone does not show Father's Day in the calendar when I turn the US Holidays on... It shows Mother's Day along with all the other random holidays (Lincoln's bday, Palm Sunday, etc.) Anyone know why?Father's Day apparently is not as impor [More]
I have been using iTunes for several years to import tracks from CDs.  Until now I have not really experienced any problems - though I have not had need to do so for some time.  I have just tried importing a few new CDs and am experiencing the follow [More]
Hi Friends, I face some mouse issues with the later versions of the Firefox (6 and above). When a flex application is executed in a Firefox, It runs on the flash player in the browser. While getting the mouse coordinates, flash player is returning so [More]
The goal: My goal is to AirPlay Youtube videos from the iPhone 6+ on iOS8.1 to the AppleTV v3 on 7.0.1 over LTE without using the iPhone as a Hotspot. The problem: The problem is that streaming video from internet sources does not function. However, [More]
Hey All, So I am currently experiencing a freezing problem when I try to upload youTube videos through firefox and/or safari after... a checkered past. Hopefully this isn't TMI, just being thurough to save your valuable effort. iMac Details: 21.5-inc [More]
Hi all, I have a problem. The idea is to call Java desktop application when button is pressed. I have used this (above) line of code, but there is no results. When I start form in local everything is fine but when I start from server it doesn't work. [More]
I'm a new user and can't figure out why when I attempt to drag and drop a cross-fade transition into my timeline it won't stick or apply. Can anybody help with this. Also, is there a setting that would automatically apply the cross-fade transition to [More]
I have a web service which talks to webservice (website) . Everything works fine when data received is less. but when data is more which takes more than a minute to receive responce from server as3 throws fault code error (decoding error) . I [More]