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Is there any Java componenet that can verify file types that are being uplo

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Please advise What i mean is that it can actually read the header of the file to determine the file typedefine "file type" define "uploaded"Read other 2 answers

Please advise
What i mean is that it can actually read the header of the file to determine the file type

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define "file type"
define "uploaded"

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Is there any Java componenet that can verify file types that are being uplo

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Please advise What i mean is that it can actually read the header of the file to determine the file typedefine "file type" define "uploaded"Read other 2 answers[More] cannot verify signature block file META-INF/MYKEY

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Hello, i have a serios problem in my company. I developed javaws aplication running since years and now we have starting problems with actual java, it brings security warnings. This warning says this application will be blocked in further releases. T[More]

Running a java program via a batch file

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I am unable to run a java program from a batch file that I created. spiderpackage.EntryPoint is a class file which I am trying to run with a -v option to output something.What should I do to get the output? echo ^<html^>^<body^> echo hello^<[More]

Error during generation of the WSDL:  BUILD FAILED java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/javadoc/Type

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When I create an EJB Transport Business Service, after selecting the jar that has the EJB 2.1 artefacts (Remote, Home, etc) the oepe plugin fails and can't continue. As I understand it seems that there is a problem with the classpath of ant build.xml[More]

How to create java classes when multiple xsd files with same root element

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Hi, I got below error 12/08/09 16:26:38 BST: [ERROR] Error while parsing schema(s).Location []. 'resultClass' is already defined 12/08/09 16:26:38 BST: [ERROR] Error while parsing schema(s).Location []. (related to above error) the first definition a[More]

How to call a java class in a bat file

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Hi I need to call a class in a bat files .It refer .DOM.jar in C:/url; How do i call the java class i need the syntax Thanks lotassuming lanch.bat, Test.class and DOM.jar are in c:\url assuming %JAVA_HOME% is defined (else substitue it with[More]

Assigning a file type to a java program

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Greeting, I'm sorry if this was asked and answered before but I couldn't find it in my (admittedly cursory) search of this forum: I wrote a program to display a binary file (OK. There are plenty of hex browsers, but I wanted it MY WAY). It works fine[More]

Java code in jsp source files is not allowed in mode.

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Hi, I’m working on WC Spaces Customization library “com.acme.custom.webcenter.spaces.war”. From time to time, when I deploy the library to WC Server, it errors out. Cannot undeploy library Extension-Name: com.[More]

Error while generating java client code from wsdl file

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I am trying to generate a java client code from WSDL file um_workflowSaveCreateProfile.wsdl which includes um_workflowSaveCreateProfile_interface.wsdl file, so I am keeping both the files in the same folder and trying to generate the client code but[More]

Java.lang.SecurityException: Jurisdiction policy files are not signed by t

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Hi *I am installing ECC6 onAIX 6.1 with oarcle 10g.* *I am getting error in create secure store* *Policy and security files are ok,* aused by: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError         at java.lang.J9VMInternals.initialize([More]

I am getting a "java.lang.RuntimeException: Error loading file:....NULL content-length." message when attempting to load a jnlp file

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I am the applications administrator for an instance of Galaxy server. In Galaxy there is an option / plugin to opne a BAM file via the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) created at the Broad Institute. When invoked it downloads a jnlp file and launche[More]

Several sites have experienced problems running a report from an Oracle Forms module, including us, especially sites that have upgraded Reports (we went from 3.0 to 6i). What worked for us was a mixture of solutions culled from OTN and Metalink:- 1. [More]
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I am computer challenged so I don't understand this. When I try to download Mozilla Firefox on my laptop it tells me that firefox uses a proxy server and won't complete the download. I don't like IE, and do like Mozilla Firefox and have used it for a [More]
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I have downloaded a PDF file but it opens it in Quicktime and won't allow me to move it to Documents. Does anyone know how I can do this please as the file is a document and not a movie or anything. ThanksYou might try this also: 1. Download Adobe Re [More]
I have upgraded my mini to 10.4.11. I have updated iTunes to 7.5. I have updated Quicktime to 7.3. When I connect my new iPhone (first time out of the box not activated yet) it is not recognized by iTunes...however it is charging. Tried the iPhone on [More]
I am constantly forced to reinstall frutiger for it to show up in the photoshop list after each time i restart the computer...What's going on!? I ran the font checked script from the adobe help site and it didn't find any corrupt fonts or anything. T [More]
Hi everybody I am going to conduct 5 days training for module pool programming. Can you please provide me some suggestion about how to start & what r the steps? Please provide suggestion for following 1) From where should I start 2) What should be th [More]
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