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Is there any Java componenet that can verify file types that are being uplo

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Please advise What i mean is that it can actually read the header of the file to determine the file typedefine "file type" define "uploaded"Read other 2 answers

Please advise
What i mean is that it can actually read the header of the file to determine the file type

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define "file type"
define "uploaded"

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Is there any Java componenet that can verify file types that are being uplo

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Please advise What i mean is that it can actually read the header of the file to determine the file typedefine "file type" define "uploaded"Read other 2 answers[More] cannot verify signature block file META-INF/MYKEY

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Hello, i have a serios problem in my company. I developed javaws aplication running since years and now we have starting problems with actual java, it brings security warnings. This warning says this application will be blocked in further releases. T[More]

Running a java program via a batch file

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I am unable to run a java program from a batch file that I created. spiderpackage.EntryPoint is a class file which I am trying to run with a -v option to output something.What should I do to get the output? echo ^<html^>^<body^> echo hello^<[More]

Error during generation of the WSDL:  BUILD FAILED java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/sun/javadoc/Type

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When I create an EJB Transport Business Service, after selecting the jar that has the EJB 2.1 artefacts (Remote, Home, etc) the oepe plugin fails and can't continue. As I understand it seems that there is a problem with the classpath of ant build.xml[More]

How to create java classes when multiple xsd files with same root element

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Hi, I got below error 12/08/09 16:26:38 BST: [ERROR] Error while parsing schema(s).Location []. 'resultClass' is already defined 12/08/09 16:26:38 BST: [ERROR] Error while parsing schema(s).Location []. (related to above error) the first definition a[More]

How to call a java class in a bat file

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Hi I need to call a class in a bat files .It refer .DOM.jar in C:/url; How do i call the java class i need the syntax Thanks lotassuming lanch.bat, Test.class and DOM.jar are in c:\url assuming %JAVA_HOME% is defined (else substitue it with[More]

Assigning a file type to a java program

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Greeting, I'm sorry if this was asked and answered before but I couldn't find it in my (admittedly cursory) search of this forum: I wrote a program to display a binary file (OK. There are plenty of hex browsers, but I wanted it MY WAY). It works fine[More]

Java code in jsp source files is not allowed in mode.

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Hi, I’m working on WC Spaces Customization library “com.acme.custom.webcenter.spaces.war”. From time to time, when I deploy the library to WC Server, it errors out. Cannot undeploy library Extension-Name: com.[More]

Error while generating java client code from wsdl file

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I am trying to generate a java client code from WSDL file um_workflowSaveCreateProfile.wsdl which includes um_workflowSaveCreateProfile_interface.wsdl file, so I am keeping both the files in the same folder and trying to generate the client code but[More]

Java.lang.SecurityException: Jurisdiction policy files are not signed by t

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Hi *I am installing ECC6 onAIX 6.1 with oarcle 10g.* *I am getting error in create secure store* *Policy and security files are ok,* aused by: java.lang.ExceptionInInitializerError         at java.lang.J9VMInternals.initialize([More]

I am getting a "java.lang.RuntimeException: Error loading file:....NULL content-length." message when attempting to load a jnlp file

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I am the applications administrator for an instance of Galaxy server. In Galaxy there is an option / plugin to opne a BAM file via the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) created at the Broad Institute. When invoked it downloads a jnlp file and launche[More]

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Hi, my MacBook Pro is running very slow. My activity monitor says high CPU usage by crash report. When i look at the system log MediaTek.winmax appears repeatedly with the word bug close by. I am not so good with computers (got this far by searching [More]
hi friends i have assigned a new communication role (SAP_BC_JSF_COMMUNICATION) in backend ABAP system  to the super admin user , As per my knowledge ,generally if there are any communication role is assigned to the user then the server wants to resta [More]
Paper jam occurred and after clearing I received the 6A00 error.   Did the troubleshooting steps noted in manual but error still occurring.  Print carriage appears to be problem that could be related to the jam.  Service call is what manual suggests. [More]
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