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ITunes 7.6.2?

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What is changed with this update? I just updated to 7.6.1 a couple of weeks ago. Roy B's post above is very sparse.Maybe it's a fix to the bug that's been really bugging me - audio drop out on the iPod Classic 160gb model. I've had 3 replacements now

What is changed with this update? I just updated to 7.6.1 a couple of weeks ago. Roy B's post above is very sparse.

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Maybe it's a fix to the bug that's been really bugging me - audio drop out on the iPod Classic 160gb model. I've had 3 replacements now and stil the problem lurks ... after about an hour of playing I get audio drop-out for about 2 seconds. It doesn't matter what track I'm playing (it's never the same track same place). Man it's annoying. I've read some stuff about it affecting higher quality bit rated songs, someone said it was only affecting VBR ripped tracks. It doesn't happen on an old 5th Gen 80gb I have. Someone else mentioned that the cache size on the iPod itself has been reduced causing buffer overflow. I've even heard it being attributed to the way iTunes now works with 6 Gen Classics i.e. part of iTunes is downloaded on the the iPod.
I tell you what - it sure makes troubleshooting a pain
I've un-installed and reinstalled iTunes, re-imported my entire library for each replacement iPod and it still it happens.
Anyway I really hope this fixes it.

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