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ITunes not working right

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Hey First off, my 1 year old iMac is taking forever to launch itunes, well over a minute. It just says checking itunes library for a long time. My macbook opens the same library in about 5 seconds. Secondly, when i put my library on view->list with t

First off, my 1 year old iMac is taking forever to launch itunes, well over a minute. It just says checking itunes library for a long time. My macbook opens the same library in about 5 seconds.
Secondly, when i put my library on view->list with the artwork column turned on, it splits up some albums, and I can't figure out why. The albums were all loaded into the library at the same time and they have ALL the same info yet they are split up. Anyone have answers?
Here is what it looks like

The replay answer
As to your first issue...I can't say. As to album tracks that don't group together, see this document:

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