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ITunes Will Not Open and I have Tried Everything Posted...

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Please Help! I have downloaded the latest version, deleted it and tried again. I have deleted folders, turned off my Norton protection and still no go. Can anyone here help me from this 7 hour nightmare? I had an iPod and iTunes on this computer befo

Please Help!
I have downloaded the latest version, deleted it and tried again. I have deleted folders, turned off my Norton protection and still no go.
Can anyone here help me from this 7 hour nightmare? I had an iPod and iTunes on this computer before I traded in the old iPod and bought the new 30GB. Now the iTunes won't open and the PC doesn't recognize the iPod when I hook it up. Is there a solution??? It worked with the old one just yesterday, so why is there a problem today with the new unit?

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Did you install the software that came with your IPOD. You may need to install the "Updater" for that model IPOD before ITUnes will recognize it.

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