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LabVIEW one button dialog fails in filter event

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Hello, I'm using the one button dialog to provide feedback to the user in an event structure. Inside of a notify event, it works fine. I have another instance inside a filter event (Edit Cell? for a listbox). When it gets called, the dialog box appea

I'm using the one button dialog to provide feedback to the user in an event structure. Inside of a notify event, it works fine. I have another instance inside a filter event (Edit Cell? for a listbox). When it gets called, the dialog box appears to hang. I've noticed that if I select a window from another application (like Windows Task Manager), then come back it appears that the one button resets to the FALSE state and operates correctly. If I don't switch applications, the one button dialog is completely unresponsive.
The VI that I am running is top level, and set to Modal. I am setting the Discard? output to be TRUE in the cases where I provide the dialog. The dialog box works the first time, but fails on subsequent iterations. Perhaps the Discard? setting is affecting operation?
Thanks for your thoughts.
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The replay answer
Hi Derek,
i tried it with this vi and can´t see your behavior.
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Hello, I'm using the one button dialog to provide feedback to the user in an event structure. Inside of a notify event, it works fine. I have another instance inside a filter event (Edit Cell? for a listbox). When it gets called, the dialog box appea[More]

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