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List of Bugs Fixed in JDev 3.2.3

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Several users requested a list of bugs addressed in JDeveloper 3.2.3. Here is a list: Bugs Fixed for DAC Infoswing Frame Could Not Be Closed. (1729167) Validation Methods Are Invoked During Removing Of A New Row From Gridcontrol (1727214) Regrn:Lov C

Several users requested a list of bugs addressed in JDeveloper 3.2.3. Here is a list:
Bugs Fixed for DAC
Infoswing Frame Could Not Be Closed. (1729167)
Validation Methods Are Invoked During Removing Of A New Row From Gridcontrol (1727214)
Regrn:Lov Control: All Fields In Dept Are Listed Instead Of The Selected One. (1724885)
Regrn: List Control Unbound Once Rollback. List Control Is Empty (1723467)
Regrn: Value For The Last Field Doesn'T Get Saved In The Database. (1723367)
Remove The Commit/Rollback Limitation From Findpanel (1720412)
Abm: Rowsetaccessimpl.Absolute() Does Not Check For -1 On Call To Getrangestart (1719841)
Canceling Closing Of Infointernalframe Doesn'T Work (1718994)
Viewlinkinfo Objects Are Not Nested Application Module Aware (1717528)
Viewlinkinfo Objects Generate Illegal View Link Names (1717507)
Dac Lov Controls Are Not Binding To Dataitems (1717492)
Entity Validation Handling Problem In Dac Gridcontrol (1717482)
Trw - Rollback Reexcutes All Queries (1715674)
Getestimatedrowcount Is Called Unnecessarily (1709897)
Rowsetinfo - Error Message Needs More Details (1692843)
Nls: Translated Button Labels Are Shown As Squares In Styleeditor (1688651)
Abm: Blank Rows Created In Grid In Mapping Wizard'S Summary Page (1680610)
Validaterow Is Not Called If You Leave The Row From Non-Modified Column (1671182)
Textareacontrol Color Will Be Gray Always If Run In Jdev With Jdk 1.3 (1666518)
Qabk: Infoswing Control Dialog Box Throws Exception At The Run Time (1665341)
Sessioninfo.Close() Does Not Close The Database Session (1664400)
Nls Business Component Data Form Runtime Missing Translations (1652484)
Qablk Tree Control Picks Up And Displays Only First Selected Rowset (1647498)
Abm: Nullpointerexception Is Thrown When Detail Button Is Used In Visual Trace (1647449)
Rowsetinfo.Publishrowset Does Not Restorec Revoked Rowset. (1640653)
After Setting Validation To Row Level Messages Appear More Than Once. (1640604)
Detail Row Inserted Via Entity Object Is Not Displayed Automatically. (1633778)
Dac-106 Trying To Set Nullable Date Column To Null If A Date Format Is Used (1633564)
Memory Leak When Closing And Reinstantiating Internal Frames (1631899)
Issuing Rollback/Reexecute Query Resets Query Find Criteria (1631795)
Rows Inserted In Vo Not Displayed On Gridcontrol When Rowset Is Published (1625827)
Data In Grid Control Is Lost After Applying Filter And Performing Updates (1624068)
Data Does Not Display In Comboboxcontrol (1623945)
Abm: Find Button In Filter Control Should Be Default For Enter Key - Posco Issue (1584634)
Abm: Sorting On Filtered Grid Control Clears Filter - Posco Issue (1584627)
Last Record Is Not Displayed When Scrolling Thru A Grid Control With Jdk 1.3.0 (1583918)
Abm: Findcontrol Gets Built Everytime The Navigation Bar Is Bound To A Dataitem. (1527169)
Rowset.Setqueryonopen(False) Does Not Prevent The Grid From Populating Itself. (1527158)
Find Panel Custom Editor Option Does Not Work (1511669)
Addmasterlinkinfo -- No Such Method, Should Be Addmasterlink (1503508)
Abm: Sql Error When Findcontrol Is Used The Second Time - Posco Issue (1477081)
Bugs Fixed for BC4J
Insert A Row Using "Immediate Loading" Causes Nullpointerexception (1766124)
Apps: Jdbc Statement Not Being Closed In Viewobjectimpl.Closefreedstatements() (1765387)
Appsjperf: Bind Indexes Changes For Different Users For Inserting/Updating Eo'S (1761569)
Data Page: Query Form Generates Incorrect Query If Attribute Name != Column Name (1756150)
Classcast Exception: Createviewobject() Not Returning Remote Vo Subclass In Visi (1742764)
Samples: Tester Project Does Not Compile, Prevents Use Of Tester To Debug (1720551)
Samples: Inserting A New Item Into The Auctions Database Fails To Insert Dbrecor (1718004)
Samples: Bc4jauctions.Html Adding An Item To Auctions Db Instructions Has Error (1717988)
Samples: Bc4j Auctions Sample Sign Me Up Link Throws Exception (1717967)
Qablk: Required Libraries Are Not Included In The Bc4j Project (1714268)
Datapage Wizard Cannot Generate Anything (1713272)
Datapage Wizard Should Use "Iso8859_1" As Default Encoding (1705620)
Nls: Japanese Characters Are Garbled In "Show Data As Xml" Dialog In Jbo Tester (1700430)
Can Not Include Xml File Using Xsql:Include-Xsql (1700125)
Nls: Error Message In Bc4j Jsp Application Is Garbaged (1695391)
Nls:Web Bean Wizard Does Not Register Web Beans To Web Object Manager Correctly (1693941)
Nls: Js Tab Container Web Beans Cannot Display Japanese (1690456)
Inputdate Doesn'T Allow Field Editing By User (1689571)
Nls:Descriptions For Some Hilo Charts Are Not Shown In Jsp Element Wizard (1684559)
Nls: Truncated Help Button In Add Servlet Dialog Of Web Object Manager (1677201)
Nls: Truncated Button Label For 'Reset' In Query Dialog Of Data Form Runtime (1675129)
Wrong Tip For Js Tree Control Web Bean In Jsp Element Wizard (1673107)
Application Pool Generates Cookies Containing Commas (1667201)
Noclassdeffounderror When Try To Run The Tester In Three-Tier Mode. (1665040)
Using Am In Am Pool 2nd Time (Even Times) Causes Jbo-25302 (1664901)
Apps: Vo.Setattributeinternal Causes All The Rows To Be Brought In From Db. (1663724)
Ora-29534/Ora-29545 When Deploying Bc4j Runtime Classes (1661861)
Nls: Too Small List Box And Truncated List Items In Jsp Element Wizard (1660075)
Nls: Jbo-27022 Cannot Navigate Through Japanese Data With Bc4j (1660065)
Web Object Manager Truncated Label In Edit Webbean Dialog (1658304)
The Datapage Wizard Does Not Generate Code To Display Each Attributes In Vo. (1656532)
Nls: Jsp Application Runtime Missing Translations (1647710)
Labels In An Entity View Are Not Displayed Correctly (1640869)
Nls: Horizontal Alignment And Translation Problem In The Jsp Element Wizard(Edit (1636848)
Nls: Instruction Of Webnew.Java File Missing Translations (1636779)
Query Collection Shouldn'T Be Blown Away If Maxfetchsize = 0 (1634721)
Jbo-25014 Exception For Intermedia Domains (1634452)
Cannot Create A Viewlink Between A View In A Local Am And One In An Imported Am. (1631834)
Apps:Rowset Interface Should Also Provide Removerowsetiterator Method (1604934)
Extra Spaces Before ';' And Minor Typo For Visibroker In Jbo Resource Files (1585159)
Typo In A Webobject Resource File: "Xqsl" For Xsql (1585124)
Apps: Enhanced Stateless With Affinity Support For Viewobjects (1576128)
An Exception Occurs When Run The Database Setup File For Bc4j (1563286)
Apps:View Object Wizard Gives Incorrect Error Message With Invalid Extend (1562030)
Apps: Cannot Override 'Extends' Class In The View Object Wizard (1561990)
Ias 10210 Nt M1: Jsp Error While Going To The Online Orders Window (1554391)
Apps: Returns No Row For A Detail Rowset Even Though Such Row Exists In Db (1554209)
Mats: Bc4j Samples Not Working Correctly (1542381)
Nosuchmethodexception Using Bc4j Design Time With Xml Parser 2.1.0 Beta (1527368)
Cap Gmac: Insert Problem After Upgrading From 3.1 (1524873)
Nls: New Xsl File Needs Output Encoding Tag (1473212)
Createuser.Sql Needs To Be Provided To Customers (1449624)
Ias 9i: Bc4j Installer Needs To React To 3.2 Tutorial Changes (1411505)
Nls: Ias1.0.2 M3: Jsp Bc4j Application Cannot Insert Record (1404390)
Bugs Fixed for JDev IDE
Webtogo Displaying Stale Pages. (1761657)
Nls: Datapage Application Updates Multibyte Data Incorrectly On Webtogo Server (1746080)
Integration Or Cache Problem With Web-To-Go (1741134)
Nls: Translated Booknotfound.Html And Nojavadoc.Html Are Not Installed (1738859)
Nls: Html Help Cannot Be Installed With Japanese Build (1738854)
Nls: Japanese Html Help Has Wrong Folder Structure In The Contents Tab (1737050)
Nls: Cannot Register Servlet Using Web Object Manager (1736178)
Nls: Import Library Utility Is Not Translated And Doesn'T Support Japanese Char (1724029)
Repository Source Control Workarea Picker Does Not Work In Jdk 1.3 (1717231)
Nls:Error And Warning Are Garbled In Setting Encoding Of Compiler To "Cp1252" (1716640)
Nls: Popup Menus "Open" And "Edit With Oracle Jdeveloper" Are Not Translated (1684565)
Qablk:Jdeveloper Crash When Opening Frame In The Ui Design Mode In Windows 2000 (1683235)
Nls: Overtranslated Parameter Names In Created Dialog (1677246)
Nls: Comment 'Constructor' In Application, Class, Sqlj, Beaninfo Not Translated (1677241)
Nls:Error Message Is Different Between Locale = Us And Ja (1671222)
Nls: Cannot Select More Than One Jar/Zip File When Adding Paths (1660130)
Nls: Cannot Run Jsp Application Using Bc4j Created With Japanese Tables (1660019)
Nls:Unable To Insert/Update For Bc4j Jsp Application On Ias (1656603)
Nls: Httpservlet Code Is Incorrect (1650724)
Nls: All Web Object Wizards Behaviour For Character Encoding Should Be Unified (1650722)
Nls Enterprise Javabean Wizard Truncated Translations (1645621)
Nls: A Message 'Loading Jsp' Missing Translation In The Jsp Runtime (1636889)
Unable To Invoke Dependency Manager (1630723)
Incorrect Otn Link Specified In Creating_Html_Clients\Srv_Pxsqlservlet.Html (1618656)
Must Use Thin Jdbc In Order To Solve Nls Problems With Repository Tools (1534551)
Nls:Webtogo Doesn'T Find Jsp Pages With Japanese Names. (1477338)
Nls:Japanese Character Corrupted When Sql*Plus Invoked From Jdeveloper (1461164)

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