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List of users in a user report

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Hi All, I have the need to run a user report which reports only certain accountId's . How do i accomplish this. In the out-of-the-box 'All Users' report i can choose just one accountId at a time. Is there a way i can put a list of accountIds and run

Hi All,
I have the need to run a user report which reports only certain accountId's . How do i accomplish this.
In the out-of-the-box 'All Users' report i can choose just one accountId at a time. Is there a way i can put a list of accountIds and run the report and report on only that list?
Appreciate any help.

The replay answer
hi martin,
              Can you just detail in more about these configuration steps which i have to do when any idoc(ORDERS,INVOIC etc) fails on a particular day , then immediately i have to trigger a mail to SAP Mailbox to the user who has logged in.
Any suggestions please...

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