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Listed Material errors with "Material is not listed therefore not allowed"

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Hi Gurus, When trying to key an order for a customer with a listed material it is being reported as not listed. Other materials listed against the customer are working and have been keyed in via VB01 with a valid date range. I have been debugging PRI

Hi Gurus,
When trying to key an order for a customer with a listed material it is being reported as not listed. Other materials listed against the customer are working and have been keyed in via VB01 with a valid date range.
I have been debugging PRICE_LIST_EXCLUSION function which is called during listing validation without success.
Any ideas?
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The replay answer
Discovered the issue. A user had keyed in listing incorrectly for the sold to instead of exclusively at the payer level. Deleted these sold to listing entries and resolved the issue.

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