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Logical systems

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hi , experts 1.documentation on logical sysytem 2.can u provide all the dependencies in logical system.Hi Naveen Logical System Setting Up a logical system

hi ,
1.documentation on logical sysytem
2.can u provide all the dependencies in logical system.

The replay answer
Hi Naveen
Logical System
Setting Up a logical system
Securities of Logical system
Assigning Logical Systems
Assigning Logical Systems to client
Hope this helps you.

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Logical Systems in Business Services

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Hi In Business Service creation, for Adapter Specific Identifiers, the parameter for the Logical System. It is only possible to assign one logical system to one Business Service ?. i.e. to do MyBusServ1, Z_LS_1  MyBusServ2, Z_LS_1 is not possible ? W[More]

Logical System in IDOC-XI scenario

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Hi,      I need help to understand few things in IDOC-XI scenario, could any one help me in this regard.     we use Adapter specific identifiers to map services, we have following type of identifiers 1) Sys.ID & Client No.  2) Logical System.  my que[More]

An RFC destination could not be specified for the logical system

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Hello Experts, I am trying post goods receipt in EWM system in a simple inbound delivery process. It is not getting posted back in ECC. I have my RFC connection setup properly(I assume since I was able to transfer inbound delivery to EWM in first pla[More]

Logical System(ORGLOGSY) populating from which table in R/3 system

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Hi Friends, I would like to understand about the Logical System(ORGLOGSY) from which table or from where this logical system being populating. Because we could see this fields Logical System(ORGLOGSY) exist in PO item, HDR, SGR data sources. Can anyb[More]

Logical system name for acknowledgement in BPM

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Hi, I have a szenario: IDOC --> BPM --> MAIL Inside BPM I check the message and depending on an xml-element I stop the process or I send the message by mail. When I stop the process the BPM sends back an acknowledgement and in SXMB_MONI I can see an[More]

Logical System Name Not appearing in the Business System

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Hi, Initially we had created a Technical system with Client 700 without a "Logical System Name" in SLD. hence the 'logical system name' in 'business system' was also Blank. Now, since we are implementing the IDOC to file scenario; we need to mai[More]

Logical systems while implementing charm in solution manager

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Hello Everybody, I just wanted to know how many logical systems we need while implementing charm in solution manager 7.0. I have 3 clients in development , 3 clients in Quality and 1 client in production. Thank you, vikram.Hi Vikram, Yes, i1n ChaRM w[More]

Logical System is Not Defined in EBP...

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Hi SAP GURU's,   Please do Accept My Thanks for Kind Help   Rendered So far ..   My issue is whie working wih Accoutn Assignment is EBP ,I Tried to Maintain Logical System ..But system  is throwing Error Massage Logical System is Not Defined in EBP..[More]

Logical System is not appearing in Informer tab to check SOD's

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Hi GRC Experts, I have an issue with logical system to run risk analysis. I created logical system by following the Config guide, added physical system and generated rules (RAR Configuration>>Logical Systems>>Generate Rule) for that logical sy[More]

Logical System is not defined in table SMOF_ERPSH!

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Hi, When i am replicating a material group to SRM system, in SMQ2, the error message appears as 'Logical System is not defined in table SMOF_ERPSH!'. can any one please let me know why this comes up, i have checked the SMOEAC settings, its fine and t[More]

Logical system and partner profile configuration

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Hi, I have a SQL server which is defined as a Business system in my landscape. It is sending records to ECC 6.0 which makes it a JDBC to IDOC scenario (inbound IDocs) First question is do I have to mention a logical system name for the SQL server Bus[More]

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