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Mac mini and Sony tv resolution issue

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Hello, I have recently purchased a Mac mini for the purposes of hooking it up to my 51" Sony Wega HDTV. I took the mini out and connected the DVI adaptor that came in box and then hooked the mini to the tv via HDMI cable thinking this was the best po

I have recently purchased a Mac mini for the purposes of hooking it up to my 51" Sony Wega HDTV. I took the mini out and connected the DVI adaptor that came in box and then hooked the mini to the tv via HDMI cable thinking this was the best possible connection for my mini. I have an issue where the screen is over flowing off the TV screen. I looked in system preference and have very limited resolution options but 1080i was selected and also over scan was checked. If I deselect overscan I get borders which I don't want. My tv doesn't have many options so how can I calibrate these two to work togethor?

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I just discovered this is not a TV issue at all...
Uh, yes it is. Overscan is a condition unique to TVs. Computer monitors don't do it (overscan) hence there is normally no need for the kind of graphics card driver you are talking about, e.g. one that has precise control of video borders.
Many TVs on the market today have a method for defeating overscan, tucked away somewhere in their menu system, in order to allow the TV to be used just like a computer monitor. That is always the preferred solution when it is available because it will make the best possible image on the TV.
Your TV is a rear projection TV. Such TVs are not well suited for use as computer monitors because overscan is naturally baked into the optics architecture, meaning the manufacturer deliberately sets the mirror and lens system in such a way as to cause the native resolution (1280 x 720 in the case of your TV) to extend beyond the edges of the projection screen. Therefore it is impossible to get the native resolution of the projector's engine to display fully and perfectly on the screen. Only scaled or bordered version of it can ever be displayed. It's all fixed at the factory and there's no getting around the fact.
For the original G4 Mac mini that had ATI Graphics, there was a driver like the one you found for your father's Windows computer that allowed video borders to be set independent of resolution. But apart from that early effort on the part of ATI, I have not seen anything like that since for minis that have graphics based on Intel or nVidia hardware. I think you are going to be stuck with the dark video borders as a necessary limitation of the TV you own in the absence of any driver to counteract that limitation.
I believe the media center front end app called Plex has a facility for setting video borders, but I've never used it personally since I am able to turn overscan off on my TV. So I can't vouch for how well it works. And in any case, since it is bound to the app, it will only be active when Plex is running and not when, say for example, the Finder is in use, which is when you most need it.

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