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Mail bounce

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Used to be able to bounce mail.  Has that feature been disabled in Mac Mail.  I am running v 5.1.Look at the discussions listed to the right, in "More like this", for all kinds of talk on this subject.Read other 4 answers

Used to be able to bounce mail.  Has that feature been disabled in Mac Mail.  I am running v 5.1.

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Look at the discussions listed to the right, in "More like this", for all kinds of talk on this subject.

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Mail Bouncing everything...

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I am recently finding that ALL of my messages that I receive are bouncing back to the sender. I have turned off all rules and can not find any obvious reasons as to what would cause this. Also, when I send a note to myself from my iPhone (from the no[More]

Mac Mail "bounce" feature does NOT work

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Noticed that the "bounce" mail feature of Mac mail will not work. Did a search and found that it isn't working anymore for anyone. Also found several posts here on Apple Discussions, that "bounce mail" is not working, and all of the qu[More]

After adding SPF records for Hybrid Development some external mails bounced back with error SPF Unauthorized mail is prohibited.

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Added v=spf1 -all and the txt token for the Exchange 2013 hybrid configuration, now some mails bounced back with the error "SPF Unauthorized mail is prohibited". What could be the cause? Should I customized the[More]

Mail bounces once then won't open

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I guess that kinda sums it up. Mail, when you click on it in the dock, bounces once, then just sits there staring at me, and fails to open. I've run a Disk repair thing just in case it was accessibility, but that hasn't helped. I looked at it in Term[More]

Mail bounces a few times but won't open, other apps work.

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OK, I searched the forums and can't find an answer related to this for mail (found it for itunes, safari, etc). I am sure this is a mundane thing but to my computer simple mind, I am stuck. My husband ran a Safari update. Since then the mail icon bou[More]

Outgoing mail bouncing

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Error This message could not be delivered and will remain in your Outbox until it can be delivered. The connection to the server "" on port 25 timed out. The above message is what I'm greeted with everytime I try to send an email. In[More]

E-mail bounce For system.

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We are trying to send an e-mail from my personal address  the e-mail address (XXXX). This last e-mail addressed is connected to the (XXXX) e-mail address. Which will be delivered at the CP4 system. However this mail is being bounced. After checking t[More]

Mac Mail Bouncing for EPrint

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Hi, Mail from my account is always bounced.  Mail from Gmail or personal domain works.  I'm using Mac Mail for all services. X-Mailer: Apple Mail (2.1244.3) This message was created automatically by mail delivery software. A message that yo[More]

Snow Leopard Mail - Bouncing Icon/Play Sound Rules Cancel Each Other Out

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I recently saw a movie which featured many closeups of a MacBook Pro being used; every time the actor got an e-mail message, the Mail icon bounced in the Dock AND played the New Message Sound. In the current version of Snow Leopard Mail, you can crea[More]

Snow Leopard Mail - Bouncing Icon Rule Works Strangely

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With most applications, when the icon bounces, the bouncing is stopped once the function it was notifying you about has been taken care of. This is not the case with Snow Leopard Mail. When a Rule has been created to 'Bounce Icon in Dock', the icon k[More]

EXTERNAL mail bouncing from deleted and recreated account

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I do not believe this is the X.500 LegacyExchangeDN issue, as the problem occurs for external users only and the error states it is a DNS issue.  The reply is going to <ADDomain>.local, so that shouldn't resolve properly.  My question is why the .lo[More]

We have just purchased the PSE9. This is our first venture into a photoshop program. We are wanting to send some of our pictures to friends via email. Just after we push the "share" button, to create an attachment for the email, we get this page [More]
I need to do a redirect 302, I made this script but it is doesn't work. I modified a script, I include inside it a redirect 302. Could you tell me what is wrong? .. ... .. Over this script there is othr code. .. .. . IF Request.QueryString("id") [More]
It has been working fine for months. Suddenly it crashes on start up. Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library Runtime Error! The application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications support team for mo [More]
Hi, would appreciate some help on this: In the cell inspector stepper, i was trying to input a formula into the max field box, the objective was to creative a dynamic way to determine the maximum item i have in a column as oppose to manual changing t [More]
Below is my code for updating a painComponent:- it basically zooms in on a particular image. The zooming works for the first try. But since the Image ITSELF isnt updated if i try to zoom in on the zoomed image its actually trying to zoom the original [More]
The common way to delete a specific row in a table is: DELETE FROM customerTable WHERE customerName =ABC AND customerID =123; However, are there any other alternative way to delete the specific row instead? Because my problem is i must link the name [More]
Hello, I have problem with Software Update in my MacBook. I have Mac OS 10.4.8 . I wanted to update it to 10.4.9 and I turned on software update. Software Update downloaded list of update item and I started upload. But I didn't have enought time to f [More]
Lost FaceTime when redoing 2008 17" MacBook Pro dual 2.66. What are my options?Go to the App store and do a search for "Facetime for Mac."  You should be able to download it there for 99 cents.Read other 2 answers [More]
We have created a dynamic approval group to return person_ids (stored in a lookup) for some of HR operations people. This will be called by an FYI rule. The problem is that AME seems to fail if mulitple person_ids are returned by the dynamic query. I [More]
the copmosants BO XI are stored in the files systems and not in the domaines (schèmas) of data base. to list the universes and the reports,is what it a request SQL or a universe manager or other solution? thank youThe easiest way to accomplish this o [More]