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Making a DVD

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Hi All I think I am in the right palce for this question. I have a bunch of .AVI files and I want to burn them all onto one DVD with chapters and a menu. What would be the best and quickest way to do this? WashacIf the files are in a codec that Quick

Hi All
I think I am in the right palce for this question.
I have a bunch of .AVI files and I want to burn them all onto one DVD with chapters and a menu.
What would be the best and quickest way to do this?

The replay answer
If the files are in a codec that Quicktime understands, you should be all set.
Open iDVD, pick a theme for the menu, and start dragging the files to the iDVD screen. Be sure to avoid any drop-zones (those areas which counter-intuitively say 'drop movie here') and a button will be created for each movie file that you drop.
That will create a separate title for each movie file.
If you really mean one title with multiple chapters, then you'll need to bring the files into iMovie or another non-linear editor to splice them together and set the chapter markers.

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