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Missing Component in 8.02

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I just started getting a message that iTunes cannot open due to a missing component (-42404). This is a mystery to me. I did an arhive and install recently, but that should not affect my apps, should it?Yes I can help! we have an answer! I did a sear

I just started getting a message that iTunes cannot open due to a missing component (-42404).
This is a mystery to me.
I did an arhive and install recently, but that should not affect my apps, should it?

The replay answer
Yes I can help! we have an answer!
I did a search for 42404, and that last answer is what worked.
1) where my defaulted humanoid lack of skill was in That
A) I Did Not double click the actual 9.02 PKG, and go through the 'normal' permissions of installation earlier. Now I would be able to (get radio, (download a disk and play( etc.
But to enter into the store to retrieve my wish list did not happen. I am listening to Final Fantasy 7 as we speak!
now my sequence000
1)finder/ find library
2) removed all Itunes extra 9.02 folders not needed ( I only had one hand held disk loaded in music library, I kept that at location, and moved old 9.02 to trash and secured empty trash- (15-20 minutes)
3) restarted OS 10.411( Tiger)
4)reinstalled I tunes 9.02
5) double clicked on PKG
6) returned to I Tunes, (store) went to wish list, and began a happy lifestyle again.

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