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Is there a way to create a new empty album in MobileMe from the iPad?No there is not. other 2 answers

Is there a way to create a new empty album in MobileMe from the iPad?

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No there is not.

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How do I delete a MobileMe gallery?

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How do I delete a MobileMe gallery? I open iPhoto where I created the album, right-clicked on the album to delete. Then I proceeded to watch an indicator dot with and arrow spin, and spin and spin. Finally the spinning stopped, but the album is still[More]

Should I be able to see my MobileMe Gallery photos in iPhoto?

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I posted this problem a couple of months ago but received no answer - I'm hoping that someone else may have experienced the same problem or someone can explain what it is that I'm doing wrong - I upgraded from iPhoto '08 to iPhoto '09 in June 2009. I[More]

I'd like to send photos to a non-MobileMe gallery from the iPhone's "send to MobileMe" option in the "Forward" tab

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Tried a search but it's mostly iWeb and I haven't seen this asked: One of the nice things about MobileMe is/was the ability to send any photo to my MobileMe gallery. I could publish a photo to the web with two clicks, and then I could share the URL w[More]

Uploading album to MobileMe Gallery crashes iPhoto '09

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Please help. I've been trying to get a couple of new albums posted to my MobileMe Gallery (which I have done many times before without a problem) but my iPhoto '09 keeps crashing at some point during the upload and I think it happens later, after it[More]

Automating creation of MobileMe Gallery from audio files in iTunes

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Hi I am wanting to create a MobileMe Gallery of a few songs in my iTunes library. The only option to do this is to wrap MP3 files in a .mov container as MobileMe gallery doesn't support audio files. I have worked out all the necessary steps to do thi[More]

Photo names in MobileMe Gallery?

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Is there a way to make Aperture use the photo's caption field as the title for the photo in the mobileme gallery? There's the checkbox to tell it to use the version name or not which doesn't seem very useful to me. Should I just copy and paste from c[More]

Photo stuck in MobileMe Gallery

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Yesterday I created a MobileMe gallery (iPhoto 08) that had 30 photos and 3 movies. When I viewed it in iPhoto, many of the photos were morphing themselves and were showing up 3 or 4 times (only in iPhoto, not in the published gallery). Also moving t[More]

Videos Won't Play in Mobileme Gallery App

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Hi. I recently downloaded the MobileMe Gallery app. The app displays the Photo Albums and Videos in my gallery but, when I try to play the videos, I get this message: "This video can't be played on this device." The videos were created in Imovie[More]

Photoalbum indexpage with square photos like the old mobileme gallery?

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I would like to get a photo gallery made in iWeb with an indexpage just like the old "MobileMe Gallery" with the square picture container´s - I made a lot of special frontpictures - one for each album only to fit the square form. And I liked it![More]

MobileMe Gallery features in iweb?

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I have started to create a Family website using iWeb and want to be able to allow family members to upload and download pictures to their own albums on the site.  It looks like a MobileMe Gallery would provide that type of functionality, but I do not[More]

Iweb Photo Album vs MobileMe Gallery or...

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... should I look for flickr or something? Hi guys new mac user in every sense...the wife got her Macbook on December and I couldn't resist and got my mine three days ago. Guys...I'm creating a website with iweb and although right now does not have a[More]

I used Boot Camp to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview as the 2nd OS on my 2011 MacBook Pro. However after the installation I cannot install the additional Boot Camp just the drivers for webcam/wifi/ethernet/cardreader/display/chipset etc. But I woul [More]
Dear all, 1 Month ago, we started to get strange errors with sharepoint and nintex. After a workflow has been initiated and some days after if someone try to approve a task (not the case for all user) the workflow is stucking in status 15 with the er [More]
Hi together, I have got the follwoing problem. We have to implement a proof on a partner function regarding the role. I found the BADI IF_EX_COM_PARTNER_BADI~COM_PARTNER_CHECK I implement the the follwoing coding:   IF is_partner_wrk-partner_fct = 'Z [More]
IMAP iCloud server does not send the CAPABILITY response with CRLF appended as per RFC 3501. Please find the log snippet 11-05 10:50:52.462 29603 29988 D Email   : open :: socket [email protected] | [More]
Hi, I have my machine installed with Window XP, the latest pc suite 6.85 is not supported by my system. I lost my pc suite CD which i got along with the phone. kindly suggest me a solution to get the previous version of pc Suite for N73 Thanks Sarava [More]
ok how do i get my mbp to connect to a certain wifi automatically.. here's the story. we have 2 wifi networks: one secured, one not (dont ask LOL) when i start it up it goes to the unsecured guest network every time. i then have to go to the bar at t [More] Handbreak can now create MPEG4 files from DVDs in the exact format like the one purchased from iTunes.. so can be played on AppleTV, iPod, iPhone etc. MPEG4 with H.264 video, Audio Tracks can choose Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC3) + Dolb [More]
Hi, How to eliminate the default "ROW" tag from the below result? Result: <?xml version="1.0"?> <ROW> <request> <operationId>SERVICE</operationId> <transactionId>12</transactionId> <processI [More]
FDM version I am trying to load data in HFM Budget scenario. It loads YTD fine but I am having issues loading data in 'Periodic' view. In the Load method on the template I have tried the following however I get the message 'unknown member PE [More]
Hello, I have logger: static Category lg = Category.getInstance(Mycls.class.getName()); it gets proprtys: log4j.rootLogger=DEBUG, console, logfile log4j.appender.console=org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender log4j.appender.console.Threshold=DEBUG log4j.ap [More]