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Moving into a new c

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Old compell XPS 550 mhs28 megs ram20 gig HD(pathetic i know)?NEW COMP!!!!!:homebuilt 2.4 ghz dual core2 gigs ram50 gig WD raptorTWO 750 gig Seagatesevga 8800 vid card?Players owned:? Nomad Jukebox 3 40gb, brand spanking new Zen Vision in transit on w

Old compell XPS 550 mhs28 megs ram20 gig HD(pathetic i know)?NEW COMP!!!!!:homebuilt 2.4 ghz dual core2 gigs ram50 gig WD raptorTWO 750 gig Seagatesevga 8800 vid card?Players owned:? Nomad Jukebox 3 40gb, brand spanking new Zen Vision in transit on way to me.GF?owns a?Zen Microphoto. my problem/issue is that she no longer has her install CD. i need to know what software to download from this site to get my new comp to talk to it (send/recieve files from it). failing that i need to know how to manually move the already-installed "Zen MicroPhoto Media Explorer" from my old computer to the new one and have it work. i tried just copying the Creative software/files from the old comp's Program Files directory to the new comps one (they both have XP sp2) but that didnt work. so i assume i must update a system file or update the registry somehow in the new comp if i can't download Media Explorer here (I didnt see it in downloads). doesnt seem to have it either. (they did have Playcenter which talks to my old Jukebox 3. will playcenter recognize/communicate with her MicroPhoto?)? any help appreciated..-ToddMessage Edited by happyguy49 on 05-07-20070:03 AM

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Hi Wenda,
This is likely a permission issue. Our Parameter prompts and dll's have dependencies on Java. Assuming this is a WEB app it's possible your browser is not allowing scripts to run or your local firewall of MS firewall, anti-virus etc. may be blocking your code from passing the values. Check the browser settings and try lowering the security to see if that works.
Thank you

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