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My ipod wont appear in my itunes, why? what do i need to do to fix it?

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I m trying to add music to my ipod but when i connect my ipod to itunes it dont show up? is it my computer or is it my ipod touch???Device not detected in iTunesRead other 2 answers

I m trying to add music to my ipod but when i connect my ipod to itunes it dont show up? is it my computer or is it my ipod touch???

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Device not detected in iTunes

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Ipod wont pop up when itunes open. ipod asks to trust computer. what the **** happen

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ipod wont pop up in itunes. asks to trust computer ***?'Trust This Computer' alert on iPhone, iPad, or iPod touchRead other 2 answers[More]

TS1424 My iPod wont connect to the iTunes Store when I am about to buy an app what do I do?

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My iPod wont connect to the iTunes Store when I am about to get an app when I go to enter my password it says it can't connect to iTunes Store. What do I do?Don't worry a lot of people, including me, are having this problem.  I think it's a problem g[More]

Ipod wont come up on itunes

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my iPod wont come up on iTunes, ever since I formatted it, i connect it and it displays the DO NOT DISCONNECT sign, and its on MY COMPUTER, but I open up iTunes and it doesn't recognize the iPod. Please help!!See these. iPod appears in Windows Explor[More]

It wont let me download itunes, it keeps saying error. How do i fix it?

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it wont let me download itunes, it keeps saying "error". How do i fix it?You say "It won't let me download iTunes ...".  I cannot imagine what you mean.  What does "It" mean? iTunes is a part of iOS on your iPhone.  If your i[More]

Video iPod Wont Show Up on iTunes 6.0.1 something

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halo ive got a fifth generation video ipod, and i think ive got itunes 6.0.1 or something of the sort, and whenever i hook it up to my computer via usb, the ipod displays the "do not disconnect" symbol but wont show up on itunes. what the heck d[More]

Ipod wont show up in itunes after installing update

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okay so i hadn't updated my ipod in a couple of months (bad i know but we have really slow internet here and it takes forever to download things) then i downloaded the update a couple of days ago and it started installing then came up with an error s[More]

Ipod wont be read by Itunes & always says it's charging.

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Hello everybody. Well I've had my 30 GB Ipod since July 2007, got it as gift. Have kept it in GREAT condition too! I still even have the plastic on the screen. I treat it like if it was my child but this week though a problem has occurred. When i go[More]

My ipod wont show up in itunes or on my desktop,

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I have plugged my ipod into my mac and it charges, but wont show up in itunes or on the desktop, I have tried resetting the ipod, reinstalling itunes and checking for all updates. I have also changed cables, ports and plugged it into a different comp[More]

My ipod wont show up in itunes. and then on the ipod itself it says to connect to itunes. I have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes.  any advice?

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please help me. i pluged it into my computer in which i already have i tunes from an old ipod touch and the ipod wont come up in i tunes and its says on the ipod to connect to itunes. i have uninstalled and reinstalled itunes already and it didnt wor[More]

HT1212 ipod wont come off screen itunes plug in

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my ipod wont come off itunes and usb plug inDid you: Place the iOS device in Recovery Mode and then connect to your computer and restore via iTunes. The iPod will be erased. iOS: Wrong passcode results in red disabled screen                          [More]

Ipod wont connect to comp/itunes

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my ipod wont connect to my comp/ charge via usb we have two different usb's so im pretty sure they arent the problem (they work with the wall charger but not the computer) im not very computer smart so dont expect much knowledge on my part : ) we've[More]

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Does anyone know how to acquire this software?Click here and follow the instructions. You may need to completely remove and reinstall iTunes and all related components, or run the process multiple times; this won't normally affect its library, but th [More]
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Hi, The Salary statement in our ESS portal is with standard functinality.  This problem started recently. All the employees are assigned to the sayme payroll area.  However, for some employees the "Salary Satement" in ESS is working fine and for [More]
Scenario: 2.     Logged in as A 3.     Create a new Instance (X) - 4.     Logged out as Sales Agent. 5.     Logged in as Another user B to whom OBPM assigned automatically. 6.     Selected X in B's worklist. 7.     Assigned back to A. 8.     Technica [More]
Hi I have developed an e-learning using Captivate 2 for a large organisation. All works fine when tested, the only problem is if users don't have Flash player installed and they try to run the e-learning training they get to be prompted to install Fl [More]