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N 65 Flash not working

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Can somebody tell me how to enable the flash on the camara on my N65. Thanks Andy10-Mar-2008 09:25 AM andy845 wrote: Many thanks for your help! Should I get a E95 or what Nokia has a good camara? I like the general ease of use with E65 phone. Andy Si

Can somebody tell me how to enable the flash on the camara on my N65. Thanks Andy

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10-Mar-2008 09:25 AM
andy845 wrote:
Many thanks for your help!
Should I get a E95 or what Nokia has a good camara? I like the general ease of use with E65 phone.
Since you are interested in E series E90 is good and is a communicator, a business phone.It has 3.2 megapixels with flash and auto focus.
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