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Need help, cannot get verification, for apple ID

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I'm trying to get an apple ID for my wife and every time I do it says ID needs to be verified, I then proceed to verify and it asks me for a visa which I don't want on the account, some times I can get past the visa part by trying to DL a free app, I

I'm trying to get an apple ID for my wife and every time I do it says ID needs to be verified, I then proceed to verify and it asks me for a visa which I don't want on the account, some times I can get past the visa part by trying to DL a free app, I then Finnish the process of making a new Apple ID and when I go to put the password in it says its invalid.
Is there any way to get apple to reset the email address so I can start fresh.
Any help will greatly be appreciated.

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Hi Cronzang,
I have the same issue. I contacted AppleCare Support and they escalated the issue to an engineering team. The engineers said they have been able to replicate the issue and are currently working on a fix but with an indefinite time period for resolution. They'll let me know when the problem has been fixed, which will hopefully be soon.

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