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Need help trying to print Date

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Im trying to print out the date in this format: Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007 Not sure how to do it...thanxSystem.out.println() and SimpleDateFormatRead other 2 answers

Im trying to print out the date in this format:
Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2007
Not sure how to do it...thanx

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System.out.println() and SimpleDateFormat

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Print Layout Desigener print date

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Dear all, In our Balance Report we want to fill in the Print Layout the Print Date. is there a possibility for filling this? The path of  balance report is : Financials__ Financial Reports__ Financial__ Trial Balance Thank you and best regards to all[More]

Print Date issue in Dunning Correspondence

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Hi, I have an issue with Print Date in Dunning correspondence. The dunning proposal and activity run has happened. The correspondence printing will fetch the accounts from the database as per the print date. 1. I would like to know where and how the[More]

How to print Data Model in Report??

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Do anyone know how to print Data Model?? Thanks your help. - FrankHi Venkat, Thanks alot.... i am checking the appendix k. I want to know that if i want to customize the report as per the client requirement, can you please let me know which template[More]

How to print date & time in photos

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Thanks for the help. I need to print either photos with time and dates in them... or the Bridge contact sheet with date and time info. The final printed image will be used in court to photo document evidence. Do I have to do a screen capture or is th[More]

Pages 08: No "print date"?

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I am just testing iWork '08 and hope to replace MS Office soon. In MS Word documents I am used to set dates as date of printing ("Insert > Field > Date > PrintDate"). This comes very handy, because I usually want to have the date of the[More]

Dispaly Printing Details like printing date

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Hi Does any know if there is an option to display/print in every report the printing details like printing date , title , page , and input parameters  fields Thanks in advance RegardsPAGE : &SFSY-PAGE& OF &SFSY-FORMPAGES& DATE : &SFSY-[More]

How can i print data in bi publisher template across wise

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Hi, Please let me know how can i print data in bi publisher template across wise. eg. In my C1 field there is a data coming like S JR MR i want to print this filed S JR MR Thanx ArjunHi , Now i am able to print S JR MR horizontally.Thanx a lot for th[More]

How to print date & time stamp on photos?

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How to print date & time stamp on photos?Three methods: File>process multiple files>labels. Be sure to uncheck "same as source", or the originals will be overwritten. It is best to work on duplicate files, esp. while learning. Use the[More]

How to print date/time in report page footer?

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Hi I have a report which users can print as PDF. However, I like to display current date/time in report footer. I can see the Page Footer in section but can't figure out how to print date/time there. Thanks for help.hi movilogo Please try this. Creat[More]

'unable to send print data' on HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP

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Hi there, I'm running an iMac with OSX 10.6.8. Via an USB cable I have attached a HP Laserjet 1536dnf MFP to the iMac. I also use this printer to print via wifi (i.e. through the iMac) with my MacBook Pro (with OSX 10.7.3). Suddenly today the printer[More]

How to print date in cheque box in sapscript??

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Hello Guru, We have developed or design new form for cheque printing in sapscript how to print date in cheque box in sap. 1 6 1 2 2 0 1 1 thanks in advance. Thanks & Regards Richahi, If your requirement is to display date with box,first create a Box[More]

Dear Team, I have a requirement,   I have going to print the custom report (label print) once pick confirm has been done automatically.   If due to some reason (printer is not working or report not printed properly, or labels are not printed properly [More]
I went on iTunes and the App store today and both of them have somehow changed to be in UK form. The money symbol is different and it shows me whats trending there and not in america, where I live. How can I change the location back to it's original [More]
Hi All, I had created a java proxy using nwds 7.1. This java proxy is called by XI channel and its synchronous. WHen i run my scenario in PI i am getting a error "Error while sending message: [More]
I'm currently running ID CS5.5 and trying to open a CS5 file, ( I think). However, even after converting it to a IDML file extension it just hangs and forces me to shut down. The whole purpose of this is there are several plug-ins including InBooklet [More]
I am trying to identify as to what is the name of the BI Bean that renders a gantt chart. Is it a graph or some other bean? If it is a graph BI Bean then what is the graph type (must be some bar graph but I am looking for the exact name)?There is no [More]
Gurus, Is it possible to read/write XML using DB Link? If yes please let me know how to achieve this. Thanks in Advance. VenuYou need to use quoted names. SQL Server data dictionary stores names in same case they were entered while Oracle in upper ca [More]
I have not had this problem before; however, within the past six months or so, I have not been able to view anything.  I have tried disabling "viewing in brower window" and other things, but to no avail.What exactly means "unable"?  Lo [More]
While empting trash a notification that was running and could not be deleted.  This app is a startup app.  How can I gracefully get the app moved to the normal application folder?  Thanks BobWorked great.  Drag, dropped, restart, tested [More]
When I use Pages on my iPad and touch the screen to insert a new word it always starts in upper case as if a new sentence. It does this even if I am in the middle of a sentence. Can I turn this off?I have some vague memory of people solving this prob [More]
I am using Skype for Windows Desktop on a Windows 7 Ultimate computer. When I open up Skype on this computer, it crashes immediately after opening, with an error message. I cannot update it as it is already up to date, and I've tried rebooting my com [More]