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Need to create IDOC

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HI Helpful Hearts, I need to create IDOC for some file its also with me, Please help me how to create IDOC, and also i need that IDOC number. Tobe frank this is the first time i am going to create IDOC. Please do needful. Thanks in advance.Hi, Beginn

HI Helpful Hearts,
I need to create IDOC for some file its also with me, Please help me how to create IDOC, and also i need that IDOC number.
Tobe frank this is the first time i am going to create IDOC.
Please do needful.
Thanks in advance.

The replay answer
Beginners guide for IDoc to File scenario:
The above link will provide you the step by step details.
Idoc number is contained in the DOCNUM field under EDI_DC segment in the IDoc.
Hope it helps buddy

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