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NFC doesn't turn on

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I followed the instructions to turn on the NFC on my Tablet Z, but it doesn't turn on. The NFC icon doesn't show up at the top bar, and it doesn't recognize other NFC devices at all. What can I do? Is it a hardware issue?Repair it with  Update Servic

I followed the instructions to turn on the NFC on my Tablet Z, but it doesn't turn on. The NFC icon doesn't show up at the top bar, and it doesn't recognize other NFC devices at all. What can I do? Is it a hardware issue?

The replay answer
Repair it with 
Update Service (SUS)
PC Companion (PCC)
Bridge (for Mac)
Alternatives on How to backup Xperias
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Where are the T440s NFC drivers for windows 7?

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Using smart card/nfc tag for authentication on Windows 8 devices NOT in a domain

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Can NFC be used in Project Sienna

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This is very new to me but is it possible to use Sienna to read a NFC tag and add the data to a table?Siena does not include any NFC support, sorry.Read other 2 answers[More]

ALERT: CVS disabled NFC terminal to block Apple Pay in support of other Moblie payment systems

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CVS has shut down their NFC machines in an attempt to block Apple Pay and Google wallet to support QR code wallet system with other major retail partners like Walmart and BestBuy. Their technology not even close to being secure. Be sure to file compl[More]

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I just received my Nokia Charging Stand DT-910 to go with my ATT Nokia 920. 1) I ordered the black stand.  The stand and proprietary cord are black, but that huge AC charger is actually white.  I can't believe that they didn't match the color on such[More]

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I've been using my Passport as my daily driver since launch, but one thing I missed about it was that NFC payments with the Timme Me app have been problematic / spotty: many times it fails completely and I have to resort to using the "barcode" l[More]

4.1.2 update and NFC?

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I recently updated to the new version of 4.1.2, and in the description of the new enhancements, it says that NFC is now easier to turn on. Not only do I see no changes in the NFC, but now the notification bar doesn't even show when it is turned on. I[More]

NFC not working

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Starting this week, my Z10's NFC seems to not be working. It was working last Friday, as I made a purchase using the TimmyMe app's NFC payment. I tried to do the same thing again on Tuesday and the signal was not being sent. I tried with a completely[More]

How do you know if your SIM card is an NFC capable card?

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I recently had to get a new SIM card, but I didn't pay attention to know if it was an NFC type card. Is there any way to find out via MyVerizon account or with the SIM card number itself?    I'd be happy to help you with options for figuring out if y[More]

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