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OBIEE + Essbase slow execution

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Hi, I'm using OBIEE version and Essbase as a data source. I have an Answers report with a certain number of columns that are using AGO, TODATE functions, etc and they work fine. Now I have a need for a column that would also implem

I'm using OBIEE version and Essbase as a data source. I have an Answers report with a certain number of columns that are using AGO, TODATE functions, etc and they work fine. Now I have a need for a column that would also implement a TODATE funcitionality, but for the previous year – for example, if I choose March 2009, I need to show aggregated data for January, February and March of *2008*.
Since I did not manage to get this just through the OBIEE functions that are available, the solution was to use the EVALUATE_AGGR function with the following expression:
EVALUATE_AGGR('AGGREGATE(PeriodsToDate(%1,%2.dimension.currentmember.lag(12)), %3)', Time.Year, Time.Month, Accounts.Sales).
Here I use the Essbase function “Lag” to shift the aggregation 1 year back (12 months).
This works fine, in that is gives the correct result, however it is very very slow when used in my report that gives cca. 18 columns and cca. 15 rows back as the result.
Does anyone know why is such report so slow, is it because of the Evaluate function, because of the Lag function or something else?
Any ideas?
thank you

The replay answer
Hey, thanks a lot for a quick answer!
You are right on both of your assumptions - multiple MDX are indeed fired and we do not have the possibility of chaning Essbase cubes.
Can you perhaps think of any other way of implementing this "todate for year ago" functionality?
Is there any way to control how OBIEE generates MDX? Hints maybe or something like that?
In addition to my first post, I would just like to add that the query is much much faster when I include, as a column in Answers, all the columns on which I apply a filter - example: I'm filtering by dimension "Segmentation", Generations 2 and 3 - when I don't have these coumns in the report itself so that the chosen segmentations are seen as a column, the report is very very slow (initial issue). But when I include them in the report (not just use them in filter), the report becomes very fast and would do fine for us as such. The problem is that I do not need to show the data 'divided' by segmentation (as it is when the columns are in the report, not just filter).
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