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Office Web App Prompting For Credentials Externally Only

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We deployed an office web app server and it works great internally, but whenever we try to access documents externally, we are prompted for credentials.  Even if we put our credentials in, we always get a 401 forbidden error.  Also note that we can a

We deployed an office web app server and it works great internally, but whenever we try to access documents externally, we are prompted for credentials.  Even if we put our credentials in, we always get a 401 forbidden error.  Also note that
we can access the hosting/discovery page fine internally, but not externally.  Any help is appreciated.

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Office Web App Prompting For Credentials Externally Only

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We deployed an office web app server and it works great internally, but whenever we try to access documents externally, we are prompted for credentials.  Even if we put our credentials in, we always get a 401 forbidden error.  Also note that we can a[More]

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