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Opening a Somat .sie file in DIAdem takes forever

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Hi All, I'm new to DIAdem but know LabVIEW well. I am trying to open a Somat .sie file. I have the Somat .sie data plugin installed and DIAdem sees the file fine but it takes forever to load. The file opens fine using SoMat InField (and very quickly)

Hi All,
I'm new to DIAdem but know LabVIEW well. I am trying to open a Somat .sie file. I have the Somat .sie data plugin installed and DIAdem sees the file fine but it takes forever to load. The file opens fine using SoMat InField (and very quickly). I've attached a sample for you to take a look at.
Anyone who can pop it open straight away?

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Oops. Never attached the file.
Change .txt to .sie.
edaq_test (1) - Copy.txt ‏4756 KB

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Opening a Somat .sie file in DIAdem takes forever

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Hi All, I'm new to DIAdem but know LabVIEW well. I am trying to open a Somat .sie file. I have the Somat .sie data plugin installed and DIAdem sees the file fine but it takes forever to load. The file opens fine using SoMat InField (and very quickly)[More]

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