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Operating  System commands in FTP adapter

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Hi I have a requirement to use "Operating System Command" option in the Sender/Receiver side File Adapter. And in they have brief notes on this.

I have a requirement to use "Operating System Command" option in the Sender/Receiver side File Adapter.
And in they have brief notes on this.
When I tried to execute some valid DOS commands like MKDIR,RENAME etc it didn't work at all.
But process has been sucessfully completed without any error!!!
System : XI 3.0 SP 11
Can anyone has any inputs on this ? Pls share me some ideas with example. Is there is any limitations on this feature?
Note: When I tried to give invalid commands hfjkhfkasdjfh,asdjdhas etc, still it is not giving any error!!. Still my File Adapter as well as entire process is successfully completed.

The replay answer
A couple of cautionary notes.
The OS command is executed after the file has been processed, e.g. read successfully by a sender adapter or created successfully by a receiver adapter.
The file name processed can be accessed using %f in the OS command.
The OS command must include the full directory path, or XI will assume the current directory which may not be where your command resides.

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Hi I have a requirement to use "Operating System Command" option in the Sender/Receiver side File Adapter. And in they have brief notes on this.[More]

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