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Optimisation of ADF and binding executions

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We have an intensive landing page, basically a dashboard, which requrires quite a few invokes on methodAction and Iterator action bindings: and the page is quite time consuming to fully render. By this, I mean th

We have an intensive landing page, basically a dashboard, which requrires quite a few invokes on methodAction and Iterator action bindings:
and the page is quite time consuming to fully render. By this, I mean the HTML gets rendered but we tend to wait some time for the tables/graphs to be populated.
We see a wierd behaviour where certain tables popup before others.
This leads me to think that the page is taking multiple trips to the server to draw the whole page.
my question is:
is it more efficient to have a single bound method (exposed method which sits in the AM Impl java class) that will do all my required actions.
or is it better that the actions are seperate within the page binding?

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For better understanding i would go for independent method calls. Now for your issue i did a dashboard for the home page for my ex company and had the same time consuming issue. My take is if we have more than 15 queries executing on a page then it is bound to be fractionally slow as compared to CRUD screens.

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Optimisation of ADF and binding executions

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