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Oracle 9i License Check

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Hello: This forum has been an asset for me in learning Oracle... just wanted to say to all you at Oracle Inc. congratulations. So, onto my question. I purchased a copy of 9i database software used. And i can't determine if i can use it for production

This forum has been an asset for me in learning Oracle... just wanted to say to all you at Oracle Inc. congratulations. So, onto my question. I purchased a copy of 9i database software used. And i can't determine if i can use it for production? so is anybody knowledged enough here to tell me how to check the license on it? or do i have to purchase direct from Oracle? I'm running it on a Linux *RHEL 2 server. I'm proficient in SQL Server from Microsoft, but trying to kick start my career in Oracle as well. Appreciate the reply's back if i can get them.
Einnar R.

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Can you clarify what you mean by purchasing a used copy?
Assuming this means that you bought from someone other than Oracle or an Oracle reseller, whether the license can be transferred would depend on the agreement between Oracle and the seller.
Distributed Database Consulting, Inc.

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Oracle 9i License Check

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Hello: This forum has been an asset for me in learning Oracle... just wanted to say to all you at Oracle Inc. congratulations. So, onto my question. I purchased a copy of 9i database software used. And i can't determine if i can use it for production[More]

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