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Does there exist any documentation which contains a description of all Oracle Apps seeded functions? ThanksHi, Module specific API guides are there. I doubt if there are any master API documentation available. Message was edited by: AMARRead other 4

Does there exist any documentation which contains a description of all Oracle Apps seeded functions?

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Module specific API guides are there. I doubt if there are any master API documentation available.
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XML Error while calling webservice from oracle function.

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I am getting an error while I am trying to call webservice from oracle function. Any ideas? Thanks. select get_new_string ('proxy:80', 'http://xxx/PatternVariations/SourceTest/WebMethods','Scott') from dual ERROR at line 1: ORA-31011: XML parsing fai[More]

Can't open oracle functions after installation R12 On windows 2008 64 bit

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Hi guys i am installed oracle R12.1.1 on windows server 2008 R2 64 bit,then the application is opening but all oracle forms functions can't open,the message appear frm-92101 ,i am try the solutions in net but no effect,and i am getting another messag[More]

How to call oracle Function which has If else condition in Data Template

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Hi, currently I am working on creating Data Template which uses a Oracle Function which I need to make use in my data template. But I have some confusions on using the same. Could anybody please help me in this regard. I have a function like this, fu[More]

Calling oracle function in OMB script

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Hi Can anyone please tell me how can i get the returned value of an oracle function in OMB script. or how can i get the value into OMB variable and use it. Basically i want to set the properties of OWB mapping via OMB script. Following OMB code sets[More]

Order by clause  Dynamic in Oracle function

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How can i get order by Clause Dynamic in Oracle function My function Returns sql query with SYS_REFCURSOR . and i will pass the order by column as input parameter   create or replace FUNCTION TEST_SSK         p_srot  number RETURN SYS_REFCURSOR AS C_[More]

Using oracle function in order by clause

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Hello, can i use report query or report that generate query like this : select fname, lname from peoples order by dbms_random.value; dbms_random is an oracle function to generate random value. Thnaksadd the following call to your query: query.addOrde[More]

How to set Oracle function as a PreparedStatement parameter?

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Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to use Oracle function as a PreparedStatement parameter? For example: PreparedStatement pstmt = new PreparedStatement("update table set date=? where ..."); pstmt.set???(1, sysdate);I can put the function[More]

How to use oracle functions in Crystal Reports XI using Oracle Server

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Hi all, Is it possible  to use oracle functions in Crystal Reports XI using Oracle Server as Data Source. If i try to use a procedure,i am getting error with message "Invalid Arguement Provided". Functions are not visible objects like tables,vie[More]

I can't execute oracle functions with c#.  i'm using oracle 9i version.

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i have a problem trying to execute an oracle function with The Oracle version i'm using is Oracle 9i. This is the function definition: (it's defined and working right because i have tryed it with SQLWorksheet) CREATE OR REPLACE Function NRegi[More]

Oracle Function call from JDBC Adapter

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Hi,   Is it possible to call Custom Oracle Function from JDBC Adapter?  I know we can call stored procedure but I need to call Oracle function. Please explain how? Regards, Shweta.You'll need to provide a column alias for the function call: select fu[More]

Call oracle function in ODI

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I am new to ODI. I need to call a function created on the database which return a value. In ODI I created a variable. In the select (of the variable) I don't know how to call the source table value that needs to be passed to the function. My oracle f[More]

Hi All I have a requirement of creating BOM under the given scenario: I am currently into some food industy implementation wherein a certain raw food product is bought from farmers, It is then segregated as per the grade through a grading machine, th [More]
Developed a web application using java SDK. How can we know the format of report that is is it a crystal report , PDF or excel or hyperling. If it is crystal report then i use openDoc and the report is opened but if its a hyperlink or PDf i am not ab [More]
Ok...... How can I delete this post? ---- > I resolve the issues...... Hi, When I create the trusted Recon, connector sendme: ERROR [ACTIVE] ExecuteThread: '1' for queue: 'weblogic.kernel.Default (self-tuning)' org.apache.struts.actions.DispatchActio [More]
This is my problem. Have been at it for a few days now and have very little hair left. I have a custom BAPI that wraps ENQUEUE, BAPI_ADDRESSCREATESUCCESSOR and DEQUEUE. Works like a charm when executed in se37. When I make a webservice out of it, it [More]
I just got a mini; I'm not very good on computers. But, I installed itunes on my 1-yr old laptop (has Windows XP) and transferred about 350 songs into itunes. Then, I connected the IPOD into the USB2 card outlet and my computer froze up while trying [More]
I use IPAD 2 wifi only 16gb version. After updating to IOS 6.0.1, the facebook started to work significantly slow ( whereas safari is working with average 5.0mbps speed). So i deleted the facebook application & again downloaded it from app store. Now [More]
I just downloaded CC, and I want to install Photoshop and Lightroom, but I can't even get the app screen to open.  It just keeps loading. I have tried restarting and accessing the downloads through the website, and the same thing happens.  It just ke [More]
I cannot get the canon pixma ip90v to work with the computer.I get a message about drawing too much power from the usb.You need to plug in the power cord that was included with the printer and then use it with USB, or use the power cord included with [More]
Hi I have upgraded to Vista home premium on U200 and so far almost everything is fine. I do however have 2 issues relating to PCMCIA that are bugging me: - Any PCMCIA card inserted causes the machine to slow down drastically and mouse movement etc be [More]
In Identity Management Application Developer's guide, ldap_parse_result is a clearly documented API. However, I could not find the function prototype defined anywhere. It is not in ldap.h. Where is it declared?I don't see anything obviously wrong in [More]