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Does there exist any documentation which contains a description of all Oracle Apps seeded functions? ThanksHi, Module specific API guides are there. I doubt if there are any master API documentation available. Message was edited by: AMARRead other 4

Does there exist any documentation which contains a description of all Oracle Apps seeded functions?

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Module specific API guides are there. I doubt if there are any master API documentation available.
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XML Error while calling webservice from oracle function.

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I am getting an error while I am trying to call webservice from oracle function. Any ideas? Thanks. select get_new_string ('proxy:80', 'http://xxx/PatternVariations/SourceTest/WebMethods','Scott') from dual ERROR at line 1: ORA-31011: XML parsing fai[More]

Can't open oracle functions after installation R12 On windows 2008 64 bit

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Hi guys i am installed oracle R12.1.1 on windows server 2008 R2 64 bit,then the application is opening but all oracle forms functions can't open,the message appear frm-92101 ,i am try the solutions in net but no effect,and i am getting another messag[More]

How to call oracle Function which has If else condition in Data Template

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Hi, currently I am working on creating Data Template which uses a Oracle Function which I need to make use in my data template. But I have some confusions on using the same. Could anybody please help me in this regard. I have a function like this, fu[More]

Calling oracle function in OMB script

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Hi Can anyone please tell me how can i get the returned value of an oracle function in OMB script. or how can i get the value into OMB variable and use it. Basically i want to set the properties of OWB mapping via OMB script. Following OMB code sets[More]

Order by clause  Dynamic in Oracle function

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How can i get order by Clause Dynamic in Oracle function My function Returns sql query with SYS_REFCURSOR . and i will pass the order by column as input parameter   create or replace FUNCTION TEST_SSK         p_srot  number RETURN SYS_REFCURSOR AS C_[More]

Using oracle function in order by clause

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Hello, can i use report query or report that generate query like this : select fname, lname from peoples order by dbms_random.value; dbms_random is an oracle function to generate random value. Thnaksadd the following call to your query: query.addOrde[More]

How to set Oracle function as a PreparedStatement parameter?

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Hi all, I was wondering if it is possible to use Oracle function as a PreparedStatement parameter? For example: PreparedStatement pstmt = new PreparedStatement("update table set date=? where ..."); pstmt.set???(1, sysdate);I can put the function[More]

How to use oracle functions in Crystal Reports XI using Oracle Server

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Hi all, Is it possible  to use oracle functions in Crystal Reports XI using Oracle Server as Data Source. If i try to use a procedure,i am getting error with message "Invalid Arguement Provided". Functions are not visible objects like tables,vie[More]

I can't execute oracle functions with c#.  i'm using oracle 9i version.

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i have a problem trying to execute an oracle function with The Oracle version i'm using is Oracle 9i. This is the function definition: (it's defined and working right because i have tryed it with SQLWorksheet) CREATE OR REPLACE Function NRegi[More]

Oracle Function call from JDBC Adapter

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Hi,   Is it possible to call Custom Oracle Function from JDBC Adapter?  I know we can call stored procedure but I need to call Oracle function. Please explain how? Regards, Shweta.You'll need to provide a column alias for the function call: select fu[More]

Call oracle function in ODI

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I am new to ODI. I need to call a function created on the database which return a value. In ODI I created a variable. In the select (of the variable) I don't know how to call the source table value that needs to be passed to the function. My oracle f[More]

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I am getting this error when I try to make a connection to an Oracle817 DB. I am using Oracles drviers ( <Nov 2, 2001 2:05:18 PM EST> <Error> <JDBC> <Cannot startup connection pool "genPool" Test table must be [More]
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REPOSTED with some editing, since the formating didn't work as expected. I have been trying for the better part of a week to enable AD authentication on a CRS2008 server.  No luck.  Crystal Reports Server 2008 (CRS2008) (v on a windows 20 [More]
Could someone please tell me How do I see the Kernel patch level in a Java ONLY instance? In Abap, it is simple! In Java I see in the System Info: Kernel Version:  7.00 PatchLevel 108458.44  BUT that doesn't correspond to the real patch level which I [More]
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Dear Sir , When I making a Z program in Tcode SE38, system through following messge You are not registred as a developer , please enter in the OSS (online service system),In the OSS you will recieve an access key . How can I solve this problem , ples [More]
Hi all, Ihave created 2 logical systems gir800 , gir810 in the same server for the clients 800 and 810,when i am trying to configure ALE while running <b>Generate partner Profile</b>, i am getting the Error <b>Port could not be created   [More]
In (for example Word) you can click F5 and then type a page number that you want to quickly be taken to view.  In LightRoom Library view, each photo displays a lovely ID number, but why?  Can I press something, like F5, and then type in my desired ph [More]