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Oracle VM Server - install error - Graphical mode

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Hi all! I hope, you can help me the following problem. I try to install an Oracle VM server to a FS server. First, I tried the newest version - OVM S 2.2.1 In the begining Everything is allright. But after I have to choose the keyboard, the next scre

Hi all!
I hope, you can help me the following problem.
I try to install an Oracle VM server to a FS server.
First, I tried the newest version - OVM S 2.2.1
In the begining Everything is allright.
But after I have to choose the keyboard, the next screen did not come up. Just a blue screen.
I went to the alt+F3 terminal, and I found a warning there:
WARNING Graphical mode is not avaible...Start text mode.
So the screen where I can partition the disk, did not come up..
I tried earlier version too - OVM server 2.1.5, but It is the same problem too.
Can somebody help me in this, what couse this problem, and how can I fix this, and install the O VM server?
Thx in advance!
Peter Kokai

The replay answer
I purchased an Asus Sabertooth motherboard with an I7 4770 cpu and the Oracle VM server fails to detect the motherboard.  I am seeing the same error that is posted in the Known Issues list with the Dell 380 Broadcom ethernet adapter.
Do I have a compatibility issue?  The disk ISO was being given out at EMC World.  I do not know how to tell what version it is.
I tried downloading the 3.2.2 version iso and it seems to have trouble with my USB devices, because my keyboard stops working and I can't select between media cd test or skip.
Are there any workarounds?  Should I just wait for a future release?

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Oracle VM Server - install error - Graphical mode

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Hi all! I hope, you can help me the following problem. I try to install an Oracle VM server to a FS server. First, I tried the newest version - OVM S 2.2.1 In the begining Everything is allright. But after I have to choose the keyboard, the next scre[More]

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