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Organizer back up/sync

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I want to back up/sync my elements 10 organizer. Command comes up to sign in. When I attempt to sign in it gets stuck. I am able to sign into the adobe web site but when I try to back up and sync it doesn't recognize this.  What can I do to fix this.

I want to back up/sync my elements 10 organizer. Command comes up to sign in. When I attempt to sign in it gets stuck.
I am able to sign into the adobe web site but when I try to back up and sync it doesn't recognize this.  What can I do to fix this.

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It may depend on what the applications are. This post,, explains one of the possibilities (app storing its temporary cache in the wrong place so that unnecessary files get backed up), whilst another one is this (app consisting of many individual files instead of one).

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Organizer back up/sync

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I want to back up/sync my elements 10 organizer. Command comes up to sign in. When I attempt to sign in it gets stuck. I am able to sign into the adobe web site but when I try to back up and sync it doesn't recognize this.  What can I do to fix this.[More]

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