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Everyone pray for my delivery tomorrow! djbsuffolk wrote: Everyone pray for my delivery tomorrow! Best of luck with it Read other 13 answers

Everyone pray for my delivery tomorrow! 

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djbsuffolk wrote:
Everyone pray for my delivery tomorrow! Best of luck with it 

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Mail wont open and restart cancelled by mail

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

when I try to open my e-mail it wont open - it just doesnt do anything.  When I try to download updates or shut down computer it says it is intereupted by mail.  HelpForce Quit the Mail Application Click the Apple Logo in the top left corner of the s[More]

How can I disable sending from one Mail account?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hello. I have a gmail account that I use to subscribe to various newsletters and accounts. So it's essentially a read-only account for me. But I too frequently accidently send mail from that account. Is there a way to prevent mail from being sent fro[More]

How can I setup a mail-specific passcode/restriction on iPad used by multiple family members?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

How can I setup a mail-specific passcode/restriction on iPad used by multiple family members? Have an Exchange mail account setup and accessible in my mail on iPad... however my kids use it and i would like to restrict them from accessing this specif[More]

How can I move an e mail account from one family pack to another

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I have an e mail address (not main family pack e mail address) and I would like to move it to another family pack. Is this possible and if so how? ThanksCaroline12, Welcome to the discussion area! I believe that your question is about a Mobile Me fam[More]

How can I display not only one account's mail but all in the central inbox?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I am changing from OSX (machines with OSX 1.8.5 and Mavericks) mail to Thunderbird. However, one feature of OSX Mail I can't find in Thunderbird or have overseen it: I use several mail accounts, that OSX Mail is showing me on top level in one general[More]

Filename in sender Mail Adapter

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

Hi Experts, Brief about Scenario: Invoice generated with PDF format in R/3 system and send to  mail box.  XI  pick that file from mail box  and deposited in SFTP Server.    Landscape in XI end. Mailbox - - -  XI 7.0 - - - SFTP The file name generated[More]

Cannot send email from yahoo mail client

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I cannot open or send or attach anything to my email in the yahoo mail.  I know there's nothing wrong with the email because it works on my laptop, just not on my computer.  Could there be a setting problem, or a cookie problem or something? I also c[More]

Cannot send email from Mail through .mac account

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I have recently opened a .mac account and started using the email service. It works fine online however I am having difficulty sending messages through the Mail application in Tiger. Whenever I attempt to send a message, a dialog box appears saying "[More]

Cannot send email from the Mail App?

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I've had an izymail subscription for 1 year and just renewed it last week. I could never send an email from my Mail App without a window popping up stating "izymail cannot connect to the server" and the sending bar (along the bottom of the scree[More]

Cannot send email from outlook 2011 (Mac) on public networks but can send via  Mac Mail

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I cannot send mail with Outlook from anywhere other than my work or home network, will not work even when accessing 4g with my phone hotspot; very frustrating. I am using Yosemite & Macbook Pro (2012). if i use the Apple Mail everything works fine so[More]

Cannot send email from mail after moving to iCloud

Category:DefaultRelease time:2015-10-11Views:130

I have just moved to iCloud and now I cannot send email but can still receive emailHi Judy, Problem solved. Go into Mail/Acounts and delete you iCloud account. Now add a new account and type in your details for MobileMe/iCloud. It should now work. O[More]

Hi, I am looking for some help on how to do the following: I use Number to track my finances. I have two tables - one for my checking account and the other one for my cash account. When I withdraw cash from my checking account I record a transfer or [More]
I have a pdf 1.3 which was exported from CS4, When I render the file on our rip I get squares on a particular font which is embedded subset. The weird thing that the pdf displays the way it intended to be " the font displays correctly" in Acro 9 [More]
My IE 10 broswer doesn't recognize that I've updated to Flash Plyer version 11? It continues to tell me I don't have it  - even when I can see it is on my program files (?)You CAN'T see it in your program files because it ISN'T a program - it's a bro [More]
I am construing a report writer with a table of client - Table YSCO_BASE_ALOCAC When I definition the library, the message is show... Table YSCO_BASE_ALOCAC is not installed in Report Writer. Message no. GR 493 Diagnosis The Report Writer can only re [More]
Hi SAP SD GURU's I have a ticket, while creating a sales order how to get a alert of overdue bills of the customer, to whom we are creating a sales order. Please help me, points will be rewarded for the solution. thanks adiHi Adi, You can go to custo [More]
i am developing cross platform C++(Qt4.7.3 + VTK5.9) application using CMAKE (GCC 4.2, XCode 3.2.5)on Snowleopard IMAC oSX 10.6. 4. and i am running into several issues. 1: Application is crashing on MAC several times. the same application is working [More]
I am using a MacBook Pro OK X Version 10.9.5. Processor 2.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Memory 4GB 1067nMHz DDR3 iPhoto Version 8.1..2 My grandson posted a video on FaceBook that I would like to use in my Christmas  Memories movie. He use a Kindle Fire HD. [More]
i want to share my local disk to the network but i have a bad problem.... the problem is when i reboot my local station i must to mount more time the disk manually,,, can anyone have an idea about how can i share my patition without mount it for each [More]
Hi Gurus, I created a generic extractor and when execute it using RSA3 transaction in SRM, is OK. When i execute the function module is also OK. When i start a job (infopackage) using this extractor, the records are load in BI but the job still runni [More]
I am creating an applet. When I compile my program in textmate, I get this error and the code does not run. Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: main Program exited with status 1.But when I open the html page I created, it run [More]