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Pc won't recognize iphone

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Hi my pc will no longer recognize my Iphone4, not on the computer and not in Itunes. Our other Iphone and ipod both sync and are recognized. Now the Iphone will charge properly when plugged into a wall outlet but with the same cord will not connect t

Hi my pc will no longer recognize my Iphone4, not on the computer and not in Itunes. Our other Iphone and ipod both sync and are recognized. Now the Iphone will charge properly when plugged into a wall outlet but with the same cord will not connect to the pc, doesn't make the blink sound or show up. I am dumb and blind when it come to this stuff! please help me

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Failure to backup while updating 3GS to iOS5 - now iTunes doesn't recognize iPhone!

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Hi, I'm trying to update my 3GS to iOS5. Working on a brand-new Macbook Pro with Lion 10.7.2. Made sure I had the newest iTunes (10.5), synced my phone, transferre purchases to the computer, backed up manually for good measure. Downloaded the iOS5 up[More]

New iphone. someone else put in their username and password. time for me to update the iphone. downloaded itunes onto pc. plugged in iphone and waiting for prompt to show phone. pc thinks it is the camera. how do i get itunes/pc to recognize iphone ?

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new iphone. (someone else put in their username and password. so i had lots of apps that i had to eliminate but do NOT wish to compromise the contact list) time for me to update the iphone. downloaded itunes onto pc. plugged in iphone and waiting for[More]

After installingwindow 8.1 preview, itune does not recognize iphone

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After IO update and and installing window 8.1 preview, Itune does not recognize iphone. I went to devise manager and it tells me everything is working properly, but can not read the iphone on itune. Please help with this problem Thanks TOMYou shouldn[More]

Itunes wont recognize iphone 4s

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itunes will not recognize iphone 4s. I have gone through the trouble shootinging steps that Apple provides but will still not work. Any suggestions?If connecting in recovery mode did not work, did you try to connect to another computer, to make sure[More]

IPhoto and/or Image Capture do not recognize iPhone 3G and/or 4

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SYSTEM DETAILS: Operating System: Snow Leopard - 10.6.6 iTunes 10 - 10.1.1 (4) iPhoto '09 - v8.1.2 (424) Image Capture - 6.0.1 (428) iPhone (3G and 4) - iOS 4.2.1 OPEN USER ACCOUNT 1: When connecting iPhones to Mac the following actions take place: i[More]

My winxp could not recognize iphone as internal storage

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Why my winxp sp3 does not recognize iphone 4s as internal storage? I installed itunes 10.5.3 and connected to my iphone 4s then it shows up in itune and able to sync photo/music..etc, but it shows in exploere as digital camera which I would not allow[More]

Itunes doesn't recognize iphone after last update

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HELP!!!!!!!!!!! last week i updated last version of itunes, after that itunes won't recognize iphone, doesnt charge, i dont see iphone connected, cant transfer or delete music.....this is a pain in the a**.... i love this phone but this is my second[More]

Windows 8 not recognizes iphone

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Why winodows 8 , after up date , doesn't recognizes iphone hardware ? Solutions ??I'm having the same problem.. does this sound like the same thing: I'm using the most up to date soft ware on both my iPhone and windows 8 laptop however I can not get[More]

Windows 7 and itunes 10.4 will not recognize iphone 4

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windows 7 and itunes 10.4 will not recognize iphone 4.  iphone does not show up in device list in iTunesFound my answer by sifting through all itunes questions.  (I tried earlier, but apparently chose the wrong key words.  In my successful search I j[More]

Windows does not recognize iPhone

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Hi After I upgraded my iPhone to iOS8 it won't recognized by pc ( windows 7 , 64 bit ) as portable device . I did every thing to resolve that like update iTunes , update diver , delete some photos , restart pc and iPhone , using troubleshoot , check[More]

HT201274 attempted to download new ios 6 software. wiped out sim card and computer doesn't recognize iphone now. blinking apple icon is only thing I get

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Need help with iphone 4. tried to download new software and it zorked sim card and phone. Only get a blinking apple icon. Computer doesn't recognize iphone so I can't restoreHello henry lfrommiami, Thanks for using Apple Support Communities. To troub[More]

Hi.. I am getting below error..While check- in the file in document "DATA carrier pc &application wrd application type 2 not defined" File is .wrd Using content server Help me ASAPHi, You can follow configuration of digital signatures as men [More]
When restarting my mac and I press the options key, the windows drive is no longer there.  I fear my son somehow erased it.  How do I find it and/or restore it?Startup Manager Option Startup keys Intel Macs and you can try zap PRAM Apple Support Safa [More]
While synching my iPhone, a box popped up and said that so many of my contacts are going to change.  That happened before and my contacts and my wifes contacts ended up in each others phones. So we just had to go through and delete the ones we didnt [More]
Hi, Cisco Folks: Can someone please help me to clarify the following doubts? Q1. What is the pinning order of B250-M1 to IOM  if I have 2 Server Ports with a fully populated chassis of 4 B250-M1? I know that for a half-width, the pinning order will l [More]
First of all I think you are doing great job with Lightroom and I enjoy using it. But... No.1 feature I would like to have in Lightoom would be true RGB curves. C1, Aperture have them already. Another feature that makes me use C1 on frequent but redu [More]
Not sure if is appropriate to post this, but need help with editing photos. I use PhotoShop Elements 2.0 now but would like to upgrade. The reviews on 4.0 are not complimentary but would like something a bit more than iPhoto. Any other recommendation [More]
How to convert Windows Code Signing Certificate from p7s format to AET formatWhere did you get this 'p7s' file?  Did someone try to send you an AET in an SMIME encoded message?  File extension: p7s, is usually associated with a file containing PKCS # [More]
Hi, Could you please tell me how i can link the proforma invoice number with credit note number. I have proroma invoice number. I want to find its corresponding credit note number. Kindly help. Regards Sachinthere wont be any entry in BKPF as this is [More]
dear experts. i have a strange  question that in my explorer browser, i have create some  appraisal documents in ECC but can't  see it  in my ESS PM worklist . but  my colleague is normal about it.   another  question is there is no status button in [More]
HI, I am trying to access its a toplist website where you go vote. Anyway it worked for the logest time then all of a sudden last week I have been unable to get it to work no matter what I try. It works fine on my works internet but [More]