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PDF security..Pls. help

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I tried using the PSP SecurePdfDestination (the sample code for secure PDF in the pluggable destination) I don't get the output at all. I tried running the command from the dos prompt, from the url and there is no output. But if I go to the 9ids/repo

I tried using the PSP SecurePdfDestination (the sample code for secure PDF in the pluggable destination) I don't get the output at all. I tried running the command from the dos prompt, from the url and there is no output. But if I go to the 9ids/reports/cache dir, I can see the temp file. This file doesn't have the permissions that I want to set.
dos>rwclient server=<server> userid=<user/[email protected]> REPORT=<repname> orientation=LANDSCAPE destype=securepdf desformat=pdf desname=we13;T:\temp\zzz.pdf;noprint:nomodify
Am I missing something?
I have the jar in the classpath, dll in the system dir, reports conf has the correct destype. Everything that is mentioned in the readme.doc is in the right place.
Any ideas? Pls. help........

The replay answer
1. What version of Reports are you using (though it works with both 9i and 10g).
2. Once again make sure that the dll and psp.jar files are present in the respective directories. If you directly extract these files from winzip, then it extracts them in the right folder, however, it extracts them inside some particular path like psp_windows\folder1\folder2...
3. What OS are you on?
By the way, your Q about the cached output - it will not have the required permissions, because the plugin jar takes this cached output and converts this into a secure PDF before putting it in the location specified in DESNAME.

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