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Phone doesn't turn on. And keeps on blinking when connected to charger

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Please help me.. Phone doesn't turn on. And keeps on blinking when connected to charger.. The logo keeps coming up and then vanishes..Similar problem here. Iphone 5 32gb met iOS 8.1.2 keeps blinking apple logo when connected to the charger but doesn'

Please help me.. Phone doesn't turn on. And keeps on blinking when connected to charger.. The logo keeps coming up and then vanishes..

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Similar problem here. Iphone 5 32gb met iOS 8.1.2 keeps blinking apple logo when connected to the charger but doesn't start up. iTunes doesn't recognise it, but i managed to get it into recovery mode. But sadly the update stops with an unknown error 2001. Changing cables, ports or even laptops doesn't help. DFU mode gives similar results.
Any suggestions where to go from here?

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