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Photo Streaming WILL NO WORK ON I PHOTO!

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Photo Streaming will work on all my IOS devices, BUT not in I Photo on my MAC. I have the latest I photo and photo streaming is on.Have you gone to the cloud to turn it on on your mac?Read other 2 answers

Photo Streaming will work on all my IOS devices, BUT not in I Photo on my MAC. I have the latest I photo and photo streaming is on.

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Have you gone to the cloud to turn it on on your mac?

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How can I move photos from my album to a photo stream to make space on my iphone

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My phone says I dont have enough space to update to iOs 7.0.3 and I am trying to clear pictures and just put them in an iCloud photo stream so Ic an take them off my phone and create the space.  How can I do this[More]

How can I see My Photo Stream from two Macs associated with the same Apple ID?

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I have a MacBook Pro (my personal machine) and an iMac (our family computer). The iPhoto library housing all of our family photos lives on the iMac. The iPhoto library on my MacBook Pro is currently empty. I have an account on both machines.  I have[More]

More than one photo stream?

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Hi Folks, OK - I have a MBP and IP3GS which work wonderfully with iCloud. Syncing has pretty much been seamless and is working well. iPhoto too...I snap a pic on my IP3GS and it shows up on my MBP. My wife has a MBA and iPod Touch. With her own iClou[More]

How Do I Use One PC (Windows) To Run iCloud Photo Stream for Two Users?

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How Do I Use One PC (Windows) To Run iCloud Photo Stream for Two Users? I and my wife have two Iphones (iOS 6.1.4) and we want to have use 2 iCloud accounts for one PC.Disregard the question. The solution has nothing to do with any "Firefox bug"[More]

TS4425 How can I remove Photo Stream pics from my Apple TV slideshow?

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I am a decorator and take photos of furniture, fabrics, etc on my phone daily, but I do not want these photos cycled in the slideshow on my Apple TV.  I have iTunes pulling photos from designated folders on my home computer, but I can't seem to figur[More]

I currently have an iPhone 5, 16gb. I Do Not want to Loose any photos or albums by deleting them from my phone and not backing them up correctly. My iCloud backup is only storing my "Photo Stream" and I can not locate them in iTunes after I sync/Back up.

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I currently have an iPhone 5, 16gb. My storage is almost full on my phone. There are only 80 mg available. I am new to icloud and also have always had trouble navigating around iTunes. (Even after endlessly reading through support and help topics as[More]

How can I subscribe to a Shared Photo Stream from iPhoto 9.4 on OSX 10.7.5 ?

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I just updated to iPhoto 9.4 on both my (just updated) OSX 10.8.2 MacBook Pro and my OSX 10.7.5 Mac mini. For some mysterious reason Apple specifies that I can not subscribe to the new "Shared Photo Streams" from my OSX 10.7.5 Mac mini. How coul[More]

MacBook Air does not turn on but does this damage it's hard drive ? Can I still save/ recover videos and photos from photo stream?

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My MacBook Air was put on sleep mode and a couple of hours later I attempted to turn it on and no response. I called apple support and went through the process to try to power it back on and it would not turn on . Nothing would show on the screen and[More]

IPhoto can't connect to Photo Stream because PhotoStreamAgent crashes

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Hi, On my MacBook Pro iPhoto can't connect to Photo Stream. I tried with deleting the preferences of iPhoto but this did not solve it. As test I enabled Photo Stream on the Guest account (on the same MacBook Pro) and there it connects without a probl[More]

How do I only have photos from my iPhone stream to my iMac?

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How do I only have photos from my iphone stream to my iMac?  I just downloaded from my digital camera close to a 1,000 pictures from my vacation on to my iMac and they all streamed to my iPhone!  I don't want all those pictures on my phone.  Is there[More]

I copied the photos from my photo stream folder to a new folder on my macbook pro. I then deleted the phots in my photo stream folder. It erased them from the other folder as well. Why? Where did they go? Can I get them back? Please help. Thanks.

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Hello, I wanted to clear out my photo stream folder on my macbook pro, so I copied all the photos to a permanent folder. I then deleted all the photos in my photo stream folder. The photos in my backup folder were automatically deleted and I want the[More]

When I create a new event in Ical the default email that appears in the ical alarm drop down menu is incorrect.  I have changed My Card in Address Book to match my new email address but ical still wants to use the old email address.  I have also comp [More]
I upgraded my iphone 3g from ios 4.2.1 to ios 6 during the process it had an error in which i needed to upgrade to to latest itunes to fix when that is finally over i finished to update but i couldn't get passed the screen with an itunes logo and a u [More]
Need help to find program that allows me to relabel files with a bold color that is easy to recognize and not just a small nearly invisible dot at the end of the line.That's one of the many features in the feature-packed "Finder Sustitiute" file [More]
Hi people! I would ask if i can install some kind of players in my ipod. My idea is to install videolan and execute it to play avi, mkv, mpeg instead of viewing only .mov which is the default file that can handle the ipod is possible? im bored of con [More]
hi ,         i am facing problem when i using XI.its not generated idocs equal to XML message generated.idocs equal to XML message Do u mean that in ur file to idoc scenario, the no of messages sent by file is not equal to no of idocs generated? If y [More]
All software is current, but now unable to change the photo on my screen saver.  Preferences will not respond.I understand something else, that your question is not about 'no advance' for all slides (for which you could use the approach of TLCMediaDe [More]
Hello, I'm trying to write a unicode characters (e.g. \u009A) to a file. I know that this represents a control character but I'm using it for a .pcl file which interprets it as 154. Unfortunaltely, the java output is 63 (\u003F). Can anyone help me w [More]
Hi everyone, Never before I had to resort to the forums, but now I've got a problem I can't seem to solve, no matter how hard I try. Maybe someone on the forums can help me? Both rsync and sftp (fish:// in konqueror) freeze my server, when I transfer [More]
Hi All, i am converting a .NET web app to Java. The application is is a very simple one including registration page, login, logout , password recovery , etc.. Registration and login also have a captcha on the page. The application also needs to creat [More]
Hello, I cannot for the life of me get Pixel Bender installed on my windows xp pc. I get an error that says; "pixel bender critical errors where found please see log file" I do not know how to solve this, I did have a trial of CS4 which had the [More]