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Planned dep in closed fiscal year

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Hi We have done a change(reduced the useful life) in the useful life of the asset in the Fiscal year 2009 in the  month of June,which impacted the  previous year depreciation amount.The planned  dep value got increased in december 2008 .In the posted

We have done a change(reduced the useful life) in the useful life of the asset in the Fiscal year 2009 in the  month of June,which impacted the  previous year depreciation amount.The planned  dep value got increased in december 2008 .In the posted value tab in asset explorer for year 2008 it displays the planned dep in dec 2008 which is not yet posted.We donot need this depreciation to be posted.We need to delete the planned dep.Financial year and Asset year till 2009 are closed.
Please advice how to get the planned dep line removed from year 2008 which effects the net book value.

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Are you absolutely sure the changes were made when the fiscal year was closed. Maybe you need to also check if the depreciation area(s) affected was/were open at the time (OAAR). It should not be possible: if the fiscal year and all depreciation areas are closed, changing the useful life should not affect these closed years/depr.areas.
Changes to depreciation conditions (e.g.useful life, dep.key) only affect the planned depreciation in open fiscal years. There is no specific transaction.
The adjustment for the depreciation of the closed fiscal year will be reflected in an adjustment posting in the next period due for depreciation posting in a catch-up posting (or smoothing if indicated). For the open fiscal years the newly calculated depreciation will be distributed equally over the remaining useful life.
Therefore it sound to me very peculiar that planned depreciation should have been created in your closed fiscal year due to a change of useful life. Please review your change documents to ensure depreciation areas and fiscal  years were closed at time of change u2013 and have not been reopened either via OAAR or OAAQ.
To answer your last question regarding if change of useful life will affect deprecation in 2010:  provided that it is the only open fiscal year and is in fact the current fiscal year, then yes, it will affect the planned depreciation in 2010 and in the remaining useful life.
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