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Please need help to replace text in jtextarea

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Hello! I have a problem to solve under java, I would like to be able to replace a block of text by another in a Jtextarea example my text is presented like this: part1 valeur=3 blah1 blah1 blah1 blah1 blah1 blah part2 valeur=3 blah2 blah2 blah2 blah2

I have a problem to solve under java, I would like to be able to replace a block of text by another in a Jtextarea
my text is presented like this:
blah1 blah1 blah1
blah1 blah1 blah
blah2 blah2 blah2
blah2 blah2 blah2
blah3 blah3 blah3
blah3 blah3 blah3
my question is, how I could replace all the characters of part2 and part3 by the characters of the part1
is someone can help me while showing me an example of code in order to rule this problem
Thank you in advance.

The replay answer
This code seems to do what you want.
      JTextArea ta=new JTextArea();
      ta.setText("part1\nvaleur=3\nblah1 blah1 blah1\nblah1 blah1 blah1"+
             "\n\npart2\nvaleur=3\nblah2 blah2 blah2\nblah2 blah2 blah2"+
             "\n\npart3\nvaleur=3\nblah3 blah3 blah3\nblah3 blah3 blah3");
      int start=ta.getText().indexOf("part1");
      start=+6; //to get past part1\n
      int end=ta.getText().indexOf("part2");,end);
      String replace=ta.getSelectedText();
      start=end+6; //indexOf part2 plus 6
      start=end+6; //indexOf part3 plus 6

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