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Hi, Our IT consultant created a custom iView based on a business package (...phonelist.par). After promoting it to production, we received complaints that the iView was timing out when the underlying R/3 query returned no data (i.e. when a user didn'

Our IT consultant created a custom iView based on a business package (...phonelist.par). After promoting it to production, we received complaints that the iView was timing out when the underlying R/3 query returned no data (i.e. when a user didn't have data in IT0370). This iView works fine for those users who do have data in the relevant infotype.
Basis traced the activity log for the timeout issue. Based on the trace, we can see that when the logic for function module PORTAL_ALV_QUERY_CALL doesn't find data the first time in the relevant infotype for the logged on user, it sequentially queries every employee in production. Thus, it times out due to the large volume of employees.
I've been able to copy and then customize the PORTAL_ALV_QUERY_CALL function module. Now, I need to find a way to change the PDVSapFunctionName Portal parameter to point to the custom function module. However, this field is greyed out because this iView was built based on an existing business package (...phonelist.par).
Since I'm not very familiar with iView configuration/development, would you please provide me with suggestions of what to do next.

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The WS Client Socket Timeout defined in the web service container doesn't apply for portal webservices

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Hi, Our IT consultant created a custom iView based on a business package (...phonelist.par). After promoting it to production, we received complaints that the iView was timing out when the underlying R/3 query returned no data (i.e. when a user didn'[More]

Sso session timeout per partner application

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Timeout session

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Database connection timeouts and datasource errors

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Connections in the pool randomly die overnight. Stack traces show that for some reason, the evermind driver is being used even though the MySql connection pool is specified. Also, the evermind connection pool is saying connections aren't being closed[More]

MDB Timeouts and transaction behavior

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Lock Timeouts and Heap Space Exhaustion

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I'm having some trouble figuring out the best way to handle resource constraints in my application. Generally speaking, the application works well after starting for about a day or so, but inevitably starts generating "Lock timeout" messages and[More]

Session Timeouts and SmbServer

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Hi, When having iFS mapped to a network drive (via SMB), the SMB server is unable to recover from a timeout of the LibrarySession. The network drive then seems to be empty and doing a refresh within explorer doesn't help either. The only thing that h[More]

Webmail timeouts and lost mail

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I have seen several topics here  with people complaining that Webmail times out when they are composing outgoing mail, and lose it when they hit send. However, none of these existing posts seem to have valid fixes or responses, and they all seem to b[More]

NetworkManager timeouts and can't connect

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Hello, I have a fresh install of Arch and I'm not succeeding in connecting with Network Manager. I followed the Wiki article, but everytime I run NetworkManager (either through applet or command line), it fails. $ nmcli d wifi connect myNetwork Error[More]

I upgraded to iOS6.....My music would not show up, nor would it play via icloud.  After a number of hard restarts, I decided to restore the iOS.  For the last 5 hours, it has been stuck in a loading mode after trying to restore (I got passed all the [More]
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Hi, When i am trying to send process order IDOC's to xMII system i am getting the following error in RFC log. UUID: ab_rfccheck_uuid compare uuid's {48ADD4D3-C48E-07F5-E100-000097A31462} The meta data for the IDoc type "LOIPRO01" is unavailable. [More]
Some people say that Oracle Certification doesn't carry that much weight since the passing score is so low (60% or so). And in the certification, the passing score isn't shown, thus making the person scoring 100 % the same as the "almost fail" 6 [More]
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