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I was having issues on a certain project and was experimenting in PE9 and in the process I actually found the solution I needed so I continued on my project. I did not save the file myself (because I was experimenting) but PE9 was autosaving it about

I was having issues on a certain project and was experimenting in PE9 and in the process I actually found the solution I needed so I continued on my project. I did not save the file myself (because I was experimenting) but PE9 was autosaving it about every 20-30 minutes. All of a sudden, it froze and wasn't responding, then came back, auto-saved and then closed out of no where. Ever since I haven't been able to open any project with a timeline (I created a new project and did nothing to it and it was able to open it but I am not able to preview clips without it crashing). Whenever I try to open a project it Loads to 100% and stays there for a while and then an error message comes up and says Adobe has stopped working. At first I thought it might be because it was an auto-save file but when I tried to open previous projects it did the same thing. I was editing in the Hard Disk, Flash Memory Camcorders Full HD 1080i 30 project setting.
BTW, I just bought this computer here are the specs
Windows 7 Pro 64 bit
Intel i7 x990
24gb RAM
External 3Tb hard drive (where the footage is stored)
Internal 2 tb hard drive (where the project file is stored)
Please help I'm on a deadline, Thanks.

The replay answer
New computers are loaded with fragmentation and, believe it or not, spyware/bloatware.
Try running a program like Advanced System Care Free and see if it makes a difference.
Also make sure all of your drives are formatted NTFS and not FAT32, as they come from the factory. FAT32 drives have file size limitations that frequently choke video work.
Is your project file on your C drive? Why aren't you storing it on your external drive, with your media? If you store it in its own folder on your second hard drive, you'll get much faster and more stable performance.

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