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Presets for import?

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I use two different IMPORT settings - one for ripping CDs (high quality for best sound) and another for turning WAV files into downloadable spoken word files (for sale through our store).  Any way to set up pre-sets? OR some easy way to switch betwee

I use two different IMPORT settings - one for ripping CDs (high quality for best sound) and another for turning WAV files into downloadable spoken word files (for sale through our store). 
Any way to set up pre-sets?
some easy way to switch between the two?

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dwcphoto wrote:
Hi Jim,
  This is in the Apply On Import box on the right side. When I open a new LR catalog, I go to Apply During Import, Metadata, Edit Presets. Normally at this point I can select any number of preset metadata categories that I can either use as is or modify for the specific assignment.  That's not there. If I open an existing catalog, the metadata is there for that particular catalog, but not the others. thanks, d
It sounds as if metadata presets are catalog specific. Is this all happening on the same computer?

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