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Problem Premiere CS5 detected

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When I work in Adobe Premiere CS5 and make Alt + Tab (Windows) and return back Premiere is performing request much time. Why? And how can I get away from this? Thx'u very muchIn addition to what Harm says, read this thread, which talks about the very

When I work in Adobe Premiere CS5 and make Alt + Tab (Windows) and return back Premiere is performing request much time. Why? And how can I get away from this? Thx'u very much

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In addition to what Harm says, read this thread, which talks about the very large performance hit because of antivirus software, especially with application switching:

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Problem Premiere CS5 detected

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When I work in Adobe Premiere CS5 and make Alt + Tab (Windows) and return back Premiere is performing request much time. Why? And how can I get away from this? Thx'u very muchIn addition to what Harm says, read this thread, which talks about the very[More]

Preview problems, Premiere CS5 Windows

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Hi! I´ve been using Premiere for 10 years, so I should know it pretty well, but this is my case: I start Premiere, choose "New project", tried different sequence settings, but the DVCPro HD 25 (PAL) is the most relevant. Inside Premiere, I impor[More]

Premiere CS5 - Project Monitor playback is jerky after resintall of operating system and CS5

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PROBLEM: Premiere CS5 - Project Monitor playback is jerky This had NOT been an issue prior to reinstalling the operating system and all software.  I have read numerous articles on the forums and have tried everything I can find...with no results. STE[More]

Problems with premiere Cs5.5

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I am having more and more problems with premiere CS5.5... I am running it on a windows base system. It freezes all the time and now I am not able to render... can someone, please, enlight me why? I am not using creative cloud, just the old set up...[More]

Problems updating projects to new versions of Premiere (CS5 to CC and CC to CC 2014) Memory consumption during re-index and Offline MPEG Clips in CC 2014

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I have 24GB of RAM in my 64 bit Windows 7 system running on RAID 5 with an i7 CPU. A while ago I updated from Premiere CS5 to CC and then from Premiere CC to CC 2014. I updated all my then current projects to the new version as well. Most of the proj[More]

Premiere CS5.5 y CS4 andan lento Problem: ¿Hardware o Software?

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Buenas, como estan? Mi problema es el siguiente, tengo la siguiente PC: AMD Athlon X3 ATI RADEON HD 5770 4 Giga RAM Mother GIGABYTE 870A Disco 1 TB partido SO Windows 7 64 Bits Instale el Premiere CS5.5, y con desdicha descubri que la visualizacion d[More]

Audition problems with Premiere CS5

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Has anyone had problems with Audition 5.5 not functioning with Premiere CS5. I have both programs (but not a part of the Suite). So, Audition CS5 is installed and so is Premiere CS5. After separating a sound channel, I want to pick the Edit with Audi[More]

Some problems to import AFX CS6 file into PREMIERE CS5

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Hi and thank you for your help My problem after an update from AFX CS5 to AFX CS6: I work with Premiere CS5. I arranged some clips X, Y, and Z. Now I would like to transform clip Y into an AFX compositon. I have PREMIERE CS5, AFX CS5 and AFX CS6. If[More]

Problems using 1080/50p video files in Premiere CS5 to Encore onto Blu-ray

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Firstly apologies if this has been covered, I've searched various forums but not found anything on 1080/50p. I have a Panasonic HDC-TM700 video camera which I only had for a week or so before I went on a weeks holiday in Egypt, so I thought I'd recor[More]

Sound problem in premiere CS5.5

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I do not have audition. I have in the same project some record in mono and others in stéreo. When i listen i have the two channels for the stereo and One channel for the mono. I would like to have both channel in output for the mono also...... Sorry[More]

Error 16,Problema al iniciar la version de prueba de Premiere CS5

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Tengo instalada la version de prueba de adobe premiere CS5(64 bits) y al iniciar tras la instalacion me sale un error, me dice que reinstale. ya lo he hecho y sigue igual. El error es  error:16 ¿Qué ocurre?Aunque el ordenador sea nuevo o no, debe cum[More]

i am programmatically open a word file for search and highlight keyword. my routine is working fine. the problem is when i am opening the file programmatically then a dialog come and ask me to open file in read only mode. the dialog look like below o [More]
A friend downloaded a heap of albums for me on a removable hard drive -itunes has down loaded the covers but not the music -how do I get to download the music. I am not computer literate . Many thanksApple's official advice on duplicates is here... H [More]
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Is there a way to copy contacts from an old SIM card to the iPhone? Thanksthe process i went thru was vigorous but it started by going to at&t and they sold me a flash drive for $15 and they transfered my numbers on there and then when i got home i h [More]
Hi Experts, Am facing a probem in Grand total navigation on union request. i created union request partname,source system name,sales and i created in pivot table.i did row and colomn grand total and now i want to navigate from this grand total to ano [More]
Hi, When i create PO, the order UOM is Rolll automatically. It is correct scenario. However, when I create STO with the same material, the order UOM is M. How can I make it as Roll which is not require to change manually. Pls advice. Thanks Order uni [More]
Hi all, I created a Jsp page and I stored my images in the dist-->images folder and by using the following code <% String image = componentRequest.getWebResourcePath() + "/images/image.gif"; %> <img src="<%=image%>"&g [More]
I spent 18 hours editing a video, then closed imovie so that I can continue the next morning and wanted some memory management to happen. Now when I restart iMovie I can see the project in the list but open project button at the top is grayed out and [More]
I've been working on a few projects and some of them open up blank, the filmstrip shows there is content on the slide but there is none on the main window, I have to click each individual object in the timeline for it to show on the screen again. Sav [More]
Dear all, I have a PO on which I have an F&A price. At the PO creation I have a price which is calculated. This price is provisional. Then I do my goods receipt. Some days later I'm able to calculate the final price. When I do MIRO, the price which i [More]